People in my immediate circle already know this, but on February 14th at about 2:30am, my house caught fire. We think it had to do with the wood furnace because the fire started there, but no final assessment has been done to date.

This post is about Web 2.0 Traffic however, and not about my personal trauma…

The day before the fire I had just finished writing my newest publication: “Why Your Web 2.0 Marketing Sucks…and What You Can Do About it Today!”

Two weeks have passed and I’ve had little time, or presence of mind to launch it now, but thought to mention it here in case you’re looking for solutions.

I wrote it because I was sick of the mis-information being passed around on the internet by people who don’t know what they’re doing, who have no appreciation for your time, and who do little more than distract you from your business with sensationalism…

The report, strategy, technique – if you will – has been described as: “…a little unconventional. A tad geeky. But with the right trainer it can be painless, effortless, and lucrative…”

If you’d like to read more about it, you’ll find it here, a Social Marketing Strategy for ethical business people, for entrepreneurs who provide worthwhile content, for those concerned about their website traffic and reputation.

Leave me a note here if you have questions. I’m only online once every few days at this time while we try to put our life, family, and home back together.