Nearly a week after the fact, I took the time out to listen to Jack Humphrey and Brandon Hall on their Web 2 Submitter bonus call.

To be completely transparent here I was a little jaded when I plugged in my headset.


A few reasons:

  1. A StomperNet faculty member told me to run screaming from any product that automates any process regarding a Web 2.0 presence. Since the team behind Stomper are multi-million dollar business owners first, and marketing trainers second, I trust their judgement – not blindly, but with considerable weight.
  2. One of my long-time subscribers that has been running his business online for over 6 years had taken the time to write an email making some pretty harsh statements about Web 2 Submitter. Given that I had not promoted the product to him (and therefore knew he wasn’t griping at me personally), I heeded his words.

All that aside, I bought Web 2 Submitter and downloaded the bonus call when it was ready for after-the-fact review. (I despise listening to those calls live as they’re generally part pitch-fest, part chest-pounding guru-posturing time-wasters – all nonsense that I can skip right over when I have the MP3 on my hard drive.)

And here is what I found after listening to the call, trying out the software, and considering previous outside influencers:

  1. This is not a black-hat, automation, spam-swilling script that will do you more harm than good. (Not the type of software or script that StomperNet faculty warned me about.)
  2. My long-time subscriber complains about everything. Even though he’s been with me a long time when I look back over my email logs I see that he’s a chronic complainer who doesn’t take the time to forecast the future value of advice, masterminds, or time saving tools.
  3. There are more benefits to ownership of this script than Jack and Brandon want me to talk about publicly. Shh – the power of being an owner of Web 2 Submitter isn’t just in the software, but in having access to an elite group that works together to keep you on top of your targeted Web 2.0 traffic (and it’s only going to get better over time).

Why I’m So Darn Impressed with Web 2 Submitter

Finally, someone else is talking Web 2.0 strategy in a way that makes sense!

I know I was a little hard on Jack when he first came out with the Authority Black Book, but I have a responsibility to my readers first – other marketers second. (It’s the only way I can sleep at night.)

I honestly don’t believe that casting a wide net will ‘net’ you more traffic, subscribers or sales and on my read-through that was precisely what the Authority Black Book was introducing.

You have to be one step smarter than the ‘wide net strategy’ with your business – think everything through, and fine-tune your strategy.

This is precisely what I walk readers through in Stampede Secret 2.0. And precisely why Andy Beard said “Read it twice.” If you skim you’ll miss the whole point.

“Know your market, know where they’re likely to be found, assess your tagging conventions, target your efforts…” -Laura Childs 2007

As marketing trainers we’ve been talking about this for years:

  • There’s little sense paying for a link to your ‘golf’ site on a ‘knitting’ directory…
  • There’s little sense signing up for a traffic exchange ‘membership’ trying to sell a ‘raise chickens’ ebook…
  • There’s little sense buying a legal co-registration list of ‘opportunity seekers’ and attempting to sell them ‘recurring shipments of vitamins’…

And there’s no good reason (or outcome for that matter) to blindly submit tagged pages of niche content to non-related Web 2.0 sites.

Generic submission lists don’t work. Ebooks won’t give you the right or magic answer for your business. You have to learn and understand Web 2.0 strategy and then deploy it in a way that makes sense for your target market.

And that, is where Brandon and Jack knocked my socks off…

Beyond the Authority Black Book, beyond generalizations, beyond automation and selling the dream of ‘thousands of website visitors every day’ – they came clean about site-specific strategy.

It may not sell as well or leave a sweet taste in your mouth, but if you take the time to really understand what they’re saying about strategy (and put it into practice) – there shall your online business grow with Web 2.0.

My hat is off to you gentleman…

Laura Childs