Ever heard of Wikio?

Google certainly has!

Google has indexed 364,000 references on wikio, whose home page only employs a measly PR6. Now I never was one to get all worked up about Google’s PR system, but I do often use it in my assessment of websites. Another assessment tool, the Alexa ranking, has this site positioned in the top 30,000 most visited sites online today (at the time of writing).

Newly Built Web 2.0 Websites Sell

The reason I’m asking if you’ve heard of Wikio is because most of my friends – even my online geeky friends – have never heard of it. Yet it was important enough to sell for nearly $5.5 million USDs (United States dollars). It actually sold in the UK, for €4 million if you want to get technical about the price.

Wikio is much like Digg.com (a brilliant Web 2.0 site) with a little Technorati and Google News thrown into the pot. The interesting thing to note is that the site in itself is still very young. Actually it was only registered right around the time I put the Stampede Secret up for sale from this (once) one-page website.

Inception: September, 2004.
Birthdate: June, 2005.
Current Worth at less than two years of age: $5.5 million USD (approximately).

While doing research I read that Wikio’s audience reached nearly one million monthly unique visitors.

Ready to Build Your Own Web 2.0 Site?

If you’re thinking of building a Web 2.0 site like this of your own, Wikio’s backend looks alot like a Pligg-generated website with staff writers (but note that pligg.com sites can certainly run on their own with some good marketing in place) for the social networking and voting aspect. You might also have a look at www.elgg.com, if your ‘bent’ is more towards social blogging.

Until next time!

Laura Childs

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