I’m heading out to StomperNet this weekend (Atlanta) so if you need me, my response time will be slower than average…but don’t let that stop you, I’ll be checking in every night.

My plan is to be able to report back to you the hottest new sources of traffic from the StomperNet group so keep an eye out for my email on Tuesday, okay?

Of course I won’t be able to disclose everything they’re doing over there to get the results that Stomper members get on their websites, but I should be able to share some techniques with you. In all honesty the best part about being a Stomper is in the alliances and tools that Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins ensure and secure for their members. When fully utilized those member’s sites bring in the traffic.

Speaking of traffic strategies, if you’re a Stampede Secret customer (the 2.0 version), and you did not receive the summer tip sheets a few hours ago, drop me a note below as a comment. Comments left on the site are always received – where email is…not quite as reliable.

You simply MUST have these new lists and notes on how to use the busiest Web 2.0 properties for your niche. And I urge you to spend 30 minutes pouring over them while you revisit the main pdf to assess your current strategy. There’s truly nothing like a steady stream of targeted traffic, after all.

Before I sign off, allow me to share one tidbit with you.

This is about Squidoo, which I know I’ve talked to you about before. If you’re still not using Squidoo to beef up your traffic and sales please set aside 30 minutes this weekend to familiarize yourself with the site.

Here’s precisely why…

This week I returned home to find my affiliate sales balance higher than usual – the odd part about this was that I’d been away from my computer for the last 4 weeks and, obviously, not working on my business.

When I checked into those extra commissions I discovered they were coming from some affiliate links I’d set up in April on free Squidoo pages.

It gets ‘weirder’ – the commissions were in the travel market – one of the hardest markets to make a buck on!

Given all that – my absense, a tough market, and free web pages – wouldn’t you say it’s time to discover all that Squidoo has to offer you?

That’s what I thought!

So I dug deeper into what I already knew about Squidoo and have now learned how to build subscriber lists, move traffic to my own sites and steadily increase my income with it – all with a series of short and sweet, easy reading ebooks at less than $13 for the set.

But it gets better…no, it really does…

Click here to read all about Web 2.0’s hottest site – Squidoo and how it can help your online business.

Then send me your Squidoo page url and I’ll see if I can’t personally send you some traffic to get the sales rolling.

I’ve got to run now and catch that plane to Atlanta!

Drop me back a note anytime,

Laura Childs
Web 2.0 Traffic Talk at The Stampede Secret