There are tons of “How To Succeed With MySpace” reports and e-books being sold now (and franky they drive me around the bend because I see no good end for people who invest hours into promoting their urls or products there), but there is only one digital product available right now that actually talks about the pros and cons of making your own Web 2.0 site. You can actually follow along as the writer builds a site from the ground up!

I’d thought of doing this myself but the site I’m launching has been a dream for 2 years and is only just now coming to fruition. I may introduce it here at a later date. In the meantime, see what Rich is up to by clicking on the green book graphic (top left) of all my pages.

The site the author’s creating differs from the Web 2.0 site I want to show you next. However, the core principle is the same – it’s all about people.

The site I’m featuring in this post, and I don’t do this often here as I have a separate area set up for Web 2.0 site examples, is

If you haven’t seen or heard of it yet, prepare yourself. You’ll likely be hearing about it soon. The developers are busy, they’ve even created a widget that bloggers, site owners, myspace users can insert into their own pages. See mine here.

I didn’t do anything fancy to get that image to appear. WishHood set it all up for me. I told it my top three wishes for you, my reader, and the widget created the graphic and code. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Click any star and you’ll see my wish for you. Follow the link in each wish and you’ll find my recommended resource for that wish to come true. Of course, my affiliate link is embedded in each link. WishHood had nothing to do with those, but it is a brilliant showcase of the type of thinking you’ll want to employ when using Web 2.0 tools to help you get more traffic and make more sales.

Until next time, keep learning about Web 2.0 for traffic to your site – it’s worth it!

Laura Childs