NOTE: I have not, to date, used Seesmic but only because I have not needed to yet, for the markets I am in. However, as my target markets become more sophisticated and my competition in the last few years have stepped as ‘up to the plate’ as I have, it is time to add video to my marketing mix. This write up are my observation only, not experience.

The world of Web 2.0 is ever expanding, just like the universe, and one of the rising stars in Web 2.0 is a site called Seesmic.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not…yet. In a very short time, this new social media site has added a new kind of video element to the world of social networking.seesmic

Seesmic, which was founded in September 2007 by French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur, provides people like you and I with an innovative way to connect with others online via video.

People can see and hear each other and share experiences, ideas, information, even a friendly joke through their webcams or mobile phones. This is a way to join in to a communication community that is alive, moving and growing – the perfect atmosphere for motivated marketers.

You might wonder what the big deal is. After all, webcams have been around for years, and if you want to keep up with your friends in cyberspace, you can do that through any number of other social networking and media sites. That’s correct on both counts. But Seesmic is different.

The Seesmic platform allows video conversations on a huge list of sites and blogs – over one thousand! These conversations are broadcast to social sites including FriendFeed and Twitter.

Seesmic and Twhirl have joined forces, too. Twhirl is a social desktop client, and is also responsible for about 12% of messages sent from Twitter. Seesmic is incredibly easy to use: you simply record a video onto Seesmic’s website or cell phone, or upload a video from your computer – this is a very easy process.

You can also link to videos posted on any social networking site. This enables you to create conversations by video, or to share video information that’s useful to your prospects and customers. Seesmic is a growing community of people in all niches all sharing their thoughts and ideas in video form.

As a sort of an austere version of YouTube, Seesmic streamlines things and keeps everything fast. And when you post a video to Seesmic, it can automatically message Twitter and FriendFeed, and upload the video to YouTube for you.

So, what is Seesmic all about? It’s another way to connect, and connections are important today – especially when you’re trying to convert a conversation into a sale.

With the far reach of the World Wide Web, the written and spoken word is a wonderful thing, but when you add images to the words, the message becomes even more powerful.

Why does this matter? It matters because as an Internet Marketer, you have a lot riding on your ability to connect with and communicate effectively with people. The world is full of potential customers, prospects and partners. Seesmic will bring yet another layer to your marketing campaign.

Video media brings another aspect to social networking that is hugely valuable to the Internet marketer. People want to know who you are. They want to put a face with a name.

Yes, you can do this with photos on your blog and your Facebook account and your gravatar for when you leave comments on other people’s blogs. This is great.

But when you can use a video that shows you speaking, smiling, moving, telling a humorous story and sharing information, you become that much more human and that much more likeable.

Seesmic offers you a quick and easy way to do short product demonstrations and quick talks about things that are important to your customers and prospects.

Your video is almost instantly available online once you’ve recorded it or uploaded it to Seesmic. And the quality of your videos will be top-notch. Quicker than a Twitter tweet!

Seesmic is a perfect addition to your branding efforts. By using your own creativity and intelligence, you will find that you can come up with a number of ways to use Seesmic for branding.

Internet marketing is about sharing information. And it is not only about you sharing information with others, but also about you learning from others – people who are your peers and colleagues.

Think of all the ways you can learn from others who use Seesmic, and how you can share your knowledge and expertise with them. As you continue to build your presence on the Internet, you will want to incorporate Seesmic into your marketing plan.

This doesn’t mean you have to leave your other forms of social networking behind. But you have to add to and adapt to the new technologies that become available.

Video lends itself wonderfully to Internet marketing. It’s perfect for branding, perfect for demonstrations, perfect for pep talks and perfect for developing business relationships of a higher level.

Stuff to Know About Seesmic

There are some Seesmic plugins that will allow you to add video comments to your blog. This can add an interesting facet to your blog when your readers use Seesmic to post video comments and enter into a threaded video conversation.

With this type of plugin you or a reader can:

Record a Seesmic video to a post.

Create threaded discussions with replies.

Moderate your video comments just like you would moderate a text comment.

Both WordPress and Movable Type offer this type of plug in. If you have readers who follow your blog, you might want to give them the option of posting their comments video-style through Seesmic. It’s a nice feature to offer.

This also illustrates another reason that you should have your own Seesmic account. If you come across a great blog that you would like to comment on and they offer the Seesmic video option, you will be giving yourself a leg up on everyone else who simply posts by text, with maybe an avatar or gravatar.

Because Seesmic is still relatively young, even by Web 2.0 standards, the site is still growing and will, over a period of time, probably add more features, or maybe change some.

The fact that Seesmic is doing something new is a big deal among Internet marketers, where it’s a good thing to be the first one “on the block” to do something different.

It’s another way to grab some attention and make the best of being in the spotlight. In the world of Web 2.0, the spotlight is exactly where you as an Internet marketer want to be.

One of the best things about Seesmic is that you can hook up to Friendfeed and Twitter with it. These are two very important social media sites that are being used by what seems like everyone.

Twitter for communicating quickly and FriendFeed for aggregating all of a marketer’s forms of networking in one spot. Because Seesmic is friendly to both of these sites, you will instantly see results from using Seesmic.

How you ultimately decide to use Seesmic is going to be up to you. Demo videos, sales pitches (as long as you don’t spam everyone with them), “getting to know you” chats – whatever – can all contribute to a healthy Internet marketing campaign.