An online friend (I’ve spoken of him before on this site and others) passed over an informative pdf to me this week, to in turn, pass onto you.

You can download the pdf at the end of this post, but allow me to save you some reading time and give you the highlights. (Training and techniques that I agree and am alignment with).

Part 2: Web 2.0 Arrives, the Market Changes

(highlights of page 5)

Then one day a few years ago, some really smart people figured out how to make the web more interactive. Users could go to a web page and talk to other users, but more importantly, CREATE CONTENT for the owner of the website.

This is called Web 2.0.

MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, all those sites that let visitors write, upload, create, or otherwise share their own ‘stuff’ online started producing copious amounts of new content that the search engines could easily index…

This was especially great for the owners of these web 2.0 sites, because the cost of acquiring content is otherwise the most expensive part of owning any website…

…more importantly all this new content…disturbed the old business model (article marketing, seo, etc.).

…basically, everything that the SEO firms used to tell you was necessary has changed. All except one: It’s more important than ever to get incoming links to your website.

The question arises: If Article Marketing has lost so much of its importance with the search engines, how do we create these incoming links?

Part 3: Ride that Web 2.0 Wave!

(highlights of page 6)

…thinking that Web 2.0 is just a bunch of MySpaces, YouTubes, and Facebooks – where the main purpose is to talk and share with online buddies?

…you have been wasting your own time making content for the owners of those websites.

…since content is the basic currency of the information age, you have just made them rich at your own expense.

…all you have to do to turn the tables and make them YOUR slave is to place your articles, tips, recipes, jokes, home movies, podcasts, whatever content you can create out there on Web 2.0…with links back to your own website.

Example: If you write something about dog training on MySpace, and it doesn’t link to your main website, then you gain nothing. You have just wasted all that time for no good reason, other than to make the owners of MySpace even richer. However, add a link to the bottom of that same bit of writing that takes the user back to your Dog Training website, and you have just marketed your own website…

The best part is that web 2.0 writing is fast and choppy…no 350-1500 word articles….

According to recent research, over 2,000 Web 2.0 sites exist.

…Google and Yahoo love them and index them quickly

The only question left is: Which ones will allow you to link back to your own website?

Part 5: The Gold Rush is On!

(pages 8-9, discusses Revenue Share which I think everyone has heard of so I snipped it out of these notes)

Make money while building your business, (to make even more money.)

Part 6: Where to find them

…you’re probably already asking how many of the 2,000 plus sites allow backlinks.

Inside the member’s forum I’ve got a library stocked full of them…and members are always adding new ones as discovered.

…here are a few you already know about…,,,,, www.ThisIsBy.Us,,,,

…some take video, some text, some articles, some audio, and most will take a mixture.

However, these all pay you money for your time, and meanwhile you’ll really be spending that time building your own website up in the search engines.

Part 7: “More powerful than you can possibly imagine…”
(re: keyword research and search engine positioning and traffic from Web 2.0 sites)

Being #1 on google does NOT mean you get all the traffic. At best, it just means getting the MOST traffic.

#1 only equates to about 40% of all traffic for a keyword…

HOWEVER – you could own ALL of the links listed on the results page…

CONSIDER – Make easy pages on Web 2.0 sites, get those pages ranking highly in the search engine results pages, (much faster than ever before) and control the traffic flow for your keywords.

REMEMBER – Search engines love Web 2.0 sites, so ranking is easy.

You’ll be in full control, get 100% of the traffic for your keyword, all linking back to your site, and even be paid to create it all.

Laura, wrapping up…

I’ve been a member of this forum for almost a year now. Inside you’ll find keyword research tools, members helping members, experts helping newbies, a backlink script (to discover how many backlinks are required to beat out your top 5 competitors), 30+ training films, dozens of software downloads, and more.

While you’re there, learn about the opportunities that exist to supply content to Web 2.0 sites and be paid directly to your Paypal or bank account within days – just like a freelancing assignment.

Money up front plus money in residuals, all while you’re dominating the search engines for the benefit of your own business.