A lot of online promotion experts are finally awake to the fact that Web 2.0 sites are now the high traffic hot spots.

These experts have been thinking of, testing, and tracking their ideas and results – and as a result are now teaching their proven techniques. It’s about time, and there’s still plenty of time to promote your site through these channels so don’t buy into any hype about ‘the window of opportunity closing’.

The options wide open to a small business owner are many – the hardest part is pre-determining where your promotion energy is best spent for best results.

Find your target market and get your offer in their path.

Telling you where your target market is, generically, is impossible. That is if I truly want to help (and not hinder) your success. Every market differs. You need to know your market, their interests and passions, and then ‘best guess’ what Web 2.0 website they’ll be hanging out on. Because if you believe me and the research that’s taken me to this point, they’re hanging out somewhere. (More users spending more time online – but not necessarily showing up on our websites to coincide with the research numbers.)

Here is a very simplistic example…you sell a relationship-related product, your market is lonely hearts, they’re hanging out at the dating or singles sites – network (on a free web 2.0 social network site) with your message and gain traffic.

Another simplistic example…you sell truck parts, your market is the young, rural male. When they’re not working on their trucks, they might just be watching online videos (on a web 2.0 video sharing site) – post a few fun clips of 4×4 trucks and gain traffic.

Website Promotion Using Video Sites – YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video…

I’ve been doing this with video for the past year and it works in spades! From one of my online marketing websites (which I’m happy to disclose to the masses, but my niche markets I keep very hidden from prying eyes) I created a 3 minute clip that led to my website and has made me a top affiliate (and now one of only a few partners) for a very popular website building script. That little video has also increased my visitor traffic by about 30% and holding – even after 11 months (March 9, 2006) and even though I only posted that video clip on Google Video. Just last night I uploaded it to YouTube to experiment, test and track the viability of that Web 2.0 site.

At the end of this article I’ll post some of the hottest Web 2.0 video sharing sites today for you to consider.

The question still remains however…is this Web 2.0 traffic technique right for your market?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “I don’t care what market you’re in, this should drag them in.”

The only caveat here is to be aware whether or not your target market is primarily on dial-up. I think the stats I read last week stated that 70% of surfers are now on broadband (if you know different or if I remember the source url for that stat, let’s include it in a comment).

If you don’t know how to create a video believe me it doesn’t need to be a major expense or time eater. My little google video took me less than 20 minutes, it is truly unprofessional and ugly – yet it netted me traffic and thousands in sales as an affiliate. You can’t even read the text on the opening screens! I KNOW you’ll be able to do better than that – especially now that we know how lucrative these Web 2.0 sharing sites can be.

Now I truly don’t intend to pitch you or sell you on a product after providing all this free information and sharing these top traffic techniques, but there is no way I could teach you everything you need to know about making or using videos for website traffic in a few blog posts. This is precisely why I bought the resale rights to a surprisingly good resource of how to do this with YouTube. (I don’t have much faith in resale rights products as a rule, but this ebook is setting a new standard on top notch quality.)

2.0 Web Traffic Using Short Videos – eBook

I picked this up for $57 last month with resale rights and since that time I’ve seen many marketers selling it for $7-$37.

Personally after a full review of the information I think it’s worth every penny I paid for it – even if it hadn’t come with rights! – but the magic in the technique is that you actually have to do the work, not just read about it.

Buying this, reading about it, knowing the techniques like the back of your hand – still will not deliver the free, targeted traffic you desire.

You’ve got to invest the time (and I’ve already shown and told you how fast and simple it can be) to create the video, upload it to youtube and link to your website. The ebook walks you through the entire process, provides links to free tools to do this, and is a reference you’ll return to time and time again when considering Web 2.0 marketing techniques.

Since I’m not allowed to give this book away I am offering it for sale here for $7 through PayPal – immediate download.

I’m doing this because:

  • I know you won’t need my time and support once you have this resource,
  • You now don’t have to run off to google to see if you can find it cheaper, and
  • If you’re a one of those ‘buy it, download it, and then demand a refund’ person (yes there are hundreds of these types online) you’ll recognize that I’m not about to take time from my busy day to refund a $7 purchase (if you’re reading this Dave O. then please buy it from someone else).

On the other hand, if you do have questions about marketing with video on Web 2.0 sites, don’t hesitate to ask a question through the comments on this post.

If you want to see all that’s included, see my modified sales letter of Web 2.0 traffic technique – video – $7 – just ‘cuz.

Have a great, traffic producing day!


Laura Childs


Here’s that list of other Web 2.0 video sharing sites I promised:

  • YouTube – The monster of them all! YouTube is the top in video sharing. Just bought out by Google for $1.65 billion USD.
  • Google Video – My first site to experiment on that increased page views and affiliate sales for the last 11 months. You’ll need to download a small piece of software in order to upload your video, but the extra 10 minutes makes it well worth your while for months to come!
  • Yahoo Video – Smaller than Google Video and YouTube but still a lucrative place to upload your promo to. Yahoo video doesn’t support as many video formats, but (and this is big!) yahoo does feature top video stories on their home page! Can you make it to the first page in Yahoo with your video – it’s worth a try.
  • MSN’s video site is called SoapBox.
  • MetaCafe was once said to be the second biggest video sharing site. Like google video they offer desktop software to make uploading easier on their users.
  • One you may not have heard about yet, Grouper. Just bought by Sony for $60 million USD.
  • News! PhotoBucket is huge and now has a Web 2.0 enabled video space.
  • CNET’s Webshots is also offering webiste traffic opportunities through online video sharing.
  • Netscape’s video sharing is at Ning.
  • MTV owned iFilm (via Viacom) gets over 10 million visitors per month.
  • Got Big Vidoes to Share? Try posting to DailyMotion, it allots 150mb of video upload.

Here’s also a list of the smaller players in Web 2.0 video:

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