A few back I received an incorrect reply email from an online merchant manager. Seems she was new to the job and a little confused about who she was sending email to. I am one of their top affiliates but the email was intended for someone who was raking it in much more than I ever thought possible.

It’s okay. I’m not about to ruin their business or butt into their strategic market plan, but we can still ethically benefit from this mistake. It’s our gain when we pay attention.

The original email from that affiliate disclosed how much he was making in commissions that month. In tens of thousands of American dollars! Of course I jumped right over to that affiliate’s site and snooped around a bit.

What I saw was an affiliate who wasn’t just promoting one merchant for tens of thousands of dollars every month – no, there were over 4 merchants being showcased on his site.

And the site was completely automated by datafeeds.

Now if you don’t know what datafeeds are don’t worry because I’ve explained it all in my wildly popular ‘Ugly Videos’ (featured on google video for months in 2006). The most important information in those videos is that in 20 minutes (and I’ll show you in follow along real time) you can take one of those horrid datafeeds and turn it into a beautiful cash generating website.

Plus, you can get datafeeds for free from hundreds of merchants – everything from rings to golf equipment, cooking to dog care, shower curtains to gardening…

I’ll show you how to make the necessary edits, add your affiliate link and run the entire thing through a new script and PRESTO – yes, I did say PRESTO – hundreds of new products selling on your website with your affiliate id, in minutes. 20 of them, more or less.

No, there’s no charge for the ugly videos. Suffering through their ugliness and my tongue-tripping is payment enough thank you. 🙂

You can get the entire story, links to the videos, and how this can change the annual profit value of your website on my latest online article.

I really hope to see you there. I’m certain this is the most help, the best advice I’ve ever given you on how to add an income stream to your site.

Read it all here:

Blogs that Use Affiliate Datafeeds to Generate Cash for You – Free Video.


Laura Childs