I’ve been doing some experiments lately with both newly registered websites and existing sites – utilizing the power of Web 2.0 for traffic.

The sites I’ve been working with are not just of various age, but in various niches.

This all started as a challenge when a local business owner told me that I couldn’t get him any more work as a result of online marketing than he could get on his own, down a hick town backroad, through word of mouth.

I’ve never liked it when someone told me I couldn’t do something. This was no different.

This became even more a challenge because his ‘thought-stream’ was backed and confirmed by his young University educated daughter. A 20 year old small town girl who’s never entered more than 2 words into google at a time and whose primary use of the internet is socializing on FaceBook.

“No one uses the internet to find local business, Dad.”

(Ugh, small town mentality.)

If I could find the research I read last month – that states 60% of North Americans would rather search for a company online than pick up a phone book – I’d wrap it up in a big box with a bow and send it to them.

As I mapped out a “I’ll prove it to you” strategy – the latest of which is my newly devised transposting – I decided to see if anyone else was teaching how to do this….

I’ve been a few months away from my machine and I’m happy to buy a course or report on this to stay current as well as learn from others since I don’t know everything.

Scouring the Warrior forum, buying latest releases and reports from other marketers, bouncing from one marketing blog to another – no one is talking about this stuff. Unless of course Howie Swartz (sp?) or Frank Kern are teaching it in their exclusive classes. (Two guys I could listen to all day as they’re as close to Hollywood in internet marketing as you can get.)

As soon as I get my small town business man some work and money through online marketing (and put both him and his daughter to shame) I’ll be writing a short step-by-step and screen shot proof on TransPosting.

If you are interested in reviewing the report before release, please contact me now. When I write these types of short reports, I don’t wait around or pre-launch, etc.

Also, if you find anyone else talking about Transposting (not cross posting thanks I already know about that), please give me a head’s up.

Yours in marketing,

Laura Childs