Here we are, the third day of 2007 and “What,” I hear you asking, “has happened to The Stampede Secret?”

It’s being reloaded, rewritten, re-energized – with all the Web 2.0 Traffic techniques to keep your websites, blogs and sales pages busy with loads of targeted traffic.

Traffic that will equate to more subscribers, more sales, higher page rank in google and all the other blessings that go along with working on your online business. The same type of finely-tuned, highly targeted traffic I helped you get in 2004-2006 using RSS feeds and blogs!

You have happened upon the site during the official launch phase (January-February 2007) so it will be a few weeks until there’s lots to see, read or learn from, however I am putting my favorite Web 2.0 traffic talks, ebooks and resources behind the Recommended Resources tab above. If you’d like to go off on your own journey as soon as possible learning about 2.0 they’ll take you along a solid path of discovery! If you can wait a week, stop back in at that time.

There will be lots here for you as I’m finally ready to disclose everything I’ve learned, tested and discovered regarding Web 2.0 traffic for 2007!

More coming soon,

Laura Childs

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