So you’ve got a 1.0 website and you’ve been seeing less traffic, even though you’ve read that there are 40% more users online than 18 months ago…

With all those extra surfers doesn’t it stand to reason that your traffic stats should be showing an increase in new visitors?

Not necessarily.

If you’ve been wondering “Where has all the traffic gone?”, I’ll tell you. (You actually don’t need me to tell you – just hit alexa to see where and what types of websites are visited most often in the last year.)

The truth is, your traffic is hanging out on 2.0 enabled websites.

They just aren’t coming to our old 1.0 websites anymore. At least not as fast, furiously, or frequently as they used to.

Even if you’ve never had a high traffic website this post is still for you…

As long as you ‘get’ that Web 2.0 is capturing the interests and time of internet surfers, you can start securing back some of those visitors today – without having to build your own wildly successful Web 2.0 site.

You do it by mixing in, socializing, taking yourself to those sites and leaving your mark, your personality, and in some cases, even marketing your wares in plain sight! In the latter cases, just do it with some style and grace and don’t talk like a marketer…

I’ve already talked at great length about what a 2.0 site is and isn’t. Today I’m going to discuss the ‘mixing in’ of your self into one of these sites.

Since so many of my readers are intimidated by the technological learning curve and costs of creating short and easy videos to drive traffic (just how short, cheap and easy? read: profit with videos), today I’ll talk about text-based socializing.

Social Networks that Rely on Text Content

You know how much I dislike the way internet marketers have tried to push us all to market on MySpace (especially since it’s against MySpace’s terms of service), so I’ve found the adult alternative for you and it’s growing fast. This is a place for experts to create pages of valuable content (not just flashy gizmos and glittering widgets and friend lists that don’t add up to a hill of beans).

If the word ‘expert’ turned you off – thinking I’m running into the opposite extreme of the MySpace crowd – don’t fret. You’re an expert at something and if not, you can practice gaining your expert status by consistently, and easily, editing your content on the site I’ll be showing you today.

Not to mention you can:

  • load up and sell products and services from this site with just a few clicks (and donate all, part or none of the profits to a charity),
  • link to your own website for the traffic to follow (and get your website traffic growing again!),
  • create polls (to find out what your target market yearns for the most),
  • install a guestbook with just one click (great for feedback, idea sharing, and such),
  • show YouTube videos, Flickr photos, audios, your own photos (all very Web 2.0),
  • and much more.

There’s a reason I’m introducing this social site as one way to get your site stats back up. The user generated pages on it have been showing up in the top google results for quite a few keywords I’ve been researching!

If I can’t beat them, I join them. You should be thinking about doing the same!

Create a free page on their site and funnel traffic to your sites and offers via their high rankings.

It’s completely ethical, expected, and invited.

Can you guess why? The site is the brainchild of Seth Godin (one of the most celebrated authors on marketing for the past 10 years).

Seth wrote Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars, Free Prize Inside! and Permission Marketing. He’s been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal – to name a few.

It takes less than 10 minutes to register an account and throw some text up on the page. It takes another 20 minutes to add some modules (like an rss feed link, ebay or amazon listings, guestbooks, etc.).

And, if you know what you’re doing with keyword selection and how to entice a visitor to click through to your website, you’ll find your page showing up in google with traffic clicking through to your main offers.

Of course if you don’t quite know how to do this there is an excellent guide that was just released that I’ll tell you about in a minute…

The site is Squidoo – click that invite link and you can create your own page (squidoo calls them a lens) on your topic of choice.

You’ve got 10 minutes right? Just be careful! The site is highly addictive. Once you start exploring the different modules, the features available, and the ways to get rank, popularity, and then traffic, you’ll be creating pages for every little interest you have, every offer you could think of making – and discovering that sharing your knowledge is both fun and lucrative.

You can edit, delete, add to, link related lens, hawk your wares, search for like minds – whatever you fancy.

After you’ve spent 10 minutes on the site you’ll understand too, why sites like these Web 2.0 sites are getting all the traffic and why, if your knowledge and links aren’t represented on them, you’ll likely never see your usual traffic stats again.

Get your free account at Squidoo, and when you’re ready for some of Squidoo’s advanced techniques, check out the Squidoo resource I reviewed this weekend and see whether or not I think it’s worth the investment!

Until next time, get busy!

Laura Childs

P.S. Advanced techniques via a guide aside, Squidoo offers a great opportunity to drive 2.0 traffic to your 1.0 website.