Let’s talk about the main reason social networking and bookmarking Web 2.0 sites have grown in popularity and capitalized on visitor traffic and time. (If you don’t think Web 2.0 sites are capitalizing on the average user’s online time – social networking sites or other Web 2.0 styled sites – you need to see some of the usage reseach reports I’ve been reading! Those stats will blow your mind!)

Why Social Web 2.0 Sites Are So Hot – And Why the Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere, Anytime Soon

You and I are likely very much the same. We look at online time as a time for learning, expanding our marketing reach, and creating new income opportunities. You might, like I, have dismissed the idea of openly sharing contacts, desires, ambitions and favorites online as a passing fad – surely the only thing really worth sharing is research and information!

But you and I are only a small percentage of internet users – a miniscule representation. The rest of the world is finding that creating lists, sharing stories and photos, personal achievements and goals for the future is satisfying their need to connect to the world on a more personal level – and the web is just the place to do so.

I invite you to take a step back from the time you spend online and look to the average internet surfer. Why are they spending more time online now than they are sitting in front of the television? Reading books? Or for that matter frequenting bars, theaters, and the like?

It’s all about the human need to connect, the need to share, and the need for acceptance.

Finding like minds.

Expanding the reach of an idea.

The ‘blog-craze’ taught us that about people and really paved the way for internet surfer. A few years back only 5% of internet surfers even knew what the term meant. As more were launched, more surfers understood the innovation – and that they could contribute to the conversation through commenting.

Wikis were right on their heels as a place to contribute to the knowledge base.

There is no dismissing it – humans have an embedded need to share, whether it be knowledge, experiences, or opinions.

Understand this and you can build a site that helps satisfy human needs.

Look to the social networks as examples of a deeper need, the need to share and be part of a group.

These sites appeal to the online user by allowing each to share their connections, linking freely to friends, and create a group of like minds – no matter how eclectic or thinly woven. That is what makes socializing online so exciting and fulfilling for so many! No longer bound by geographical or financial limitations, these networking sites allow people to expand their social connections around any topic their heart may desire.

Especially since Web 2.0 online tools and services have facilitated and eased the workload to do so!

Those new (and in some cases not so new) sites are the sites that have won the hearts and the hours of millions of surfers the world over.

They are Web 2.0 and as long as human needs don’t die, neither will the trend or fascination of the sites that cater to them.

My best to you in this new Web 2.0 world!


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