This is actually quite good for a free Web 2.0 ebook resource. I’d like you to grab it as it will bring you up to speed and more aware of what 2.0 Traffic techniques might do for you.

It’s called “The Authority Site Black Book – Web 2.0 Traffic” and is available at the smart subdomain (link below).

Smart Authority - Web 2.0 Traffic

If you’re on any internet marketer’s list they’re probably going to use the pre-written email that says “this will work for years to come” and “includes every important Web 2.0 social marketing tactic and website that you could ever want to know about and use to bring in traffic through social marketing.”

Don’t believe it for a minute. The content will not stand the test of time since Web 2.0 sites are being discovered daily and can hit the top traffic charts within a month’s time (making the ebook outdated within weeks of publishing).

Web 2.0 traffic techniques are in their infancy. They require a unique approach to make a difference to your own site – generic reports on this are not going to do you much good other than to awaken you to possibilities and what all the excitement is about.

There are a few things this ebook managed to overlook and even though it’s free, there are also ulterior motives behind the scenes (they’re just well hidden), so follow the advice with caution and certainly don’t blindly follow all their suggestions.

In a week or so I will be talking about specific marketing and website traffic strategies for youyour niche – your target market and how you can easily hone in and create the most time-effective strategies.

In the meantime grab the free resource, browse through it and let the knowledge brew in the back of your mind…

You can grab it here: (2013 edit: no longer in business)

I’ll be back later today to discuss defining and then building your own Web 2.0 site and the out-of-the-box scripts and applications that will assist you to reach that goal.

Laura Childs
Web 2.0 Traffic Talk at The Stampede Secret

p.s. There is also an option when you go to grab this free resource to tell 3 friends and get another free report including the 3 hour accompanying audio at 23 meg download. It’s called Social Networking Cash and is nothing more than a slideshow (you need the audio to make sense of it). This may be ‘worth it’ to new netpreneurs, but likely a complete waste of time to other, more experienced website owners. (No offense to the people who created it, just that for you and I, three hours is a lot of time to invest listening to information you already know.)

Update! Too heavily hit when I first posted this. The server crashed.

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