Below you’ll find a few reviews to date of the newly released Stampede Secret – Web 2.0 Traffic Strategies

From Andy Beard

“Stampede Secrets 2.0 is unlike any internet marketing report or ebook I have read…”

“Whilst Laura’s intention was to target the ebook to beginners in social media marketing, in many ways consultants in social media marketing should read it because it will place a new perspective on information and strategies you think you already know.”

“This ebook oozes quality production with footnotes on almost every page and links to resources that back up the data and strategies she proposes.”

“To get the most benefit you really will have to read through the ebook a couple of times taking notes – in some ways it reminds me of some of the more serious marketing reports you might receive from Marketing Sherpa.”

Read the full review to get a realistic idea if the Stampede Secret is right for you – Andy Beard (link removed as Andy doesn’t appear to be online in 2013

From Ryan Knowles

“You need to stop using PlugIM, or any other source of so called “Web 2.0? traffic generation methods, until you’ve read this.”

Ryan ‘Dravis’ Knowles, PlugIM

From Tiffany Dow

“Automate Your Web 2.0! I strongly urge you to download The Stampede Secret 2.0 by Laura Childs (co-author to a book with Dr. Vitale of The Secret fame). This is the only guide to date that delivers quick-start tip sheets to help you put your socialization strategy on autopilot.”

Continuation of Tiffany’s email from the home page: “…I’m delighted that you’ve created a product that guides us through the process of positioning ourselves in this environment without the usual spam approach.I especially appreciate the 12 Point Action Plan for Web 2.0 because there’s no opportunity for failure if we apply the information you’ve given us.

“While my own expertise is primarily with Squidoo, what I’ve learned in Stampede Secret 2.0 is how to develop an actual blueprint to my socialization strategy so that each day I can log on and tweak my efforts for more traffic and sales.

“In addition to being packed with solid information and advice, it’s also a great read, which is important to me as a writer because so many products tend to be dry and a struggle to keep my attention.

“I can’t wait for Stampede Secret 3.0!”

Tiffany Dow, Queen of Squidoo

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