As a continuation of an earlier post, the thought crossed my mind that I’d better keep writing more items for your checklist on buidling a Web 2.0 site.

Privacy Policies

Although privacy concerns are not as important to the younger surfer (according to research and by younger I mean young adults 18-29), you still want to post a privacy policy on your site that is accessible from every page the site generates. This is often included as a link in the footer.

Although young adults are more immune to the worries over what Web 2.0 social networking sites use their personal information for, there is some concern that such sensitive information will be hacked, mined, or result in identity theft. Media is the cause of this anxiety as they continue to focus on the variety of ways web-based data is insecure. In reality, fewer than the media would have us believe, suffer from any of this.

However, as a Web 2.0 site builder or entrepreneur, you will want to address your visitors’ concerns as early as it crosses their minds especially if sensitive information is to be shared on your site.

You’ll also need to lock up that data behind a secure connection. Consult with a lawyer over the verbiage you’ll use in your privacy policy to protect yourself should any senstive user data be accessed. Better yet, run a site that doesn’t require such annoyances. Post your policy, yes, but don’t ask for any highly personal information from your audience.

We’ll talk more about privacy policies for Web 2.0 sites again. Let’s get into some of the funner aspects of site creation and interactivity in the meantime (come back tomorrow).

Laura Childs

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