eBay Adding More Web 2.0

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This may have been going on for a while, or just incorporated this week, but while I was scouring the web for Daytona 500 tickets on ebay today I happened to notice a few familiar icons below each auction listing.

eBay, one of the forerunners with Web 2.0 concepts, was one site that I had expected would take much longer to change. 6 years ago they were ahead of 99.9% of us, but now they’ve grown so large that making any changes takes as long as in any other corporation. 16 round table discussions, 14 tele-conferences, 795 shareholder votes (you do know I’m making these numbers up don’t you?) and before a year passes – innovation!

I saw four icons at the bottom of an auction. One was StumbleUpon. Since I was frantically bidding I didn’t stop to take a screen capture, or notice which auction, or if a set criteria caused their display.

Replicate it? Not at this hour. Perhaps it was a test. Only for email watch list updates. Or first time viewed. At any rate, expect to see those Web 2.0 icons to your auctions on a regular basis, soon.

Update – January 28. The social marketing icons set out on ebay’s auction listings.


The Future of the Web is 2.0

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If you’re late on the bandwagon for Web 2.0 – and it seems that you’re not alone – and you plan on running your business online into the future, now is the time to crack down and fully understand the pulse of the internet.

Don’t worry if you are late to listen to the message. It seems hundreds of internet marketing trainers are just jumping in now as well – a full year since I published Stampede 2.0. And sadly, one of my favorite marketing authors is still taking the stance that Web 2.0 doesn’t exist. I do hope he’ll come around soon before his business slips into red.

If you don’t believe me (and the words I’ve been writing to you since last January), then who would you believe?

Would you listen to Bill Gates?

After all, so much of how we run our businesses, so much of what we’ve accomplished online for the last 10 years can be attributed back to Bill. There’s absolutely no denying today that the web is big, is here, is integrated into our lives – just as Bill predicted.

  • comScore reported that $22 billion has been spent online during the first 44 days of the Holiday season (November 1-December 14)
  • Online spending for the year (2007) is project to be over $200 billion. An increase of 20%+- every year, for the last 4 years.

Not just commerce and business. The net also has a hold on our youth.

  • Future Laboratory reports that 18-24 year-olds would rather spend 15 minutes visiting social networking sites than watching the idiot box, or playing video games, or talking on their cells.

So back to big Bill.

If you’d seen the future as he saw it 12 years ago you’d be a rich man or woman today.

Perhaps as rich as Bill himself.

Who, by the way, is only months away from retirement.

Follow a leader. Heed a visionary’s words and advice.

In Bill’s January speech he shared his vision for the future, stating that advances in connectivity, high-definition video and audio will be the top driving forces for the next 10 years.

What does that mean to you if you’re not a tech company? What does that mean to a company with an online presence?

This. Give your user what they’ve come to expect from so many other online properties. No, you don’t have to be the next FaceBook to succeed, but you do need to incorporate Web 2.0 principles and strategies into your marketing.

Building Web 2.0 Mobile Access Sites

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A lot of people email me asking how to build a Web 2.0 site from the ground up. (Answers vary based on target market, site mandates, etc.)

One area I haven’t had requests for in the past year however, are queries on how to build a mobile website on a .mobi domain, an m. sub-domain, or even a mobile friendly website on a standalone .com, .org, or .net domain. This is in spite of the fact that any marketer or business owner on their game would see the huge opportunity for building mobile accessible websites based on how fast we’ve come to rely on the world wide web and cell phone use.

A few months back I started optimizing my websites for mobile access. Some of them were re-worked site wide by recoding my style sheets so that full content of the website was accessible and legible on the smaller screen of a cell phone, smart phone, or tablet. Other websites were made mobile friendly by re-creating some of the most relevant or sought after content for my cell phone and tablet visitors. Those new pages were placed on an altogether new .mobi site, or in a ‘.m’ sub-domain – with a redirect script for mobile visitors (the redirect script ensured that all visitors with smaller screens were automatically served the mobile friendly content).

I theorized that this was such a clever marketing strategy and that every site (every type of site) I owned was deserving of it’s very own strategy). Ecstatic I created mobile sites years ahead of everyone else. Clever? Smart? Perhaps. This ‘smart’ strategy is costing me quite a few dollars in freelanced and outsourced hours.

Today my strategy is quite different. Now that the world (and internet marketers) are catching up, it is time for a new direction. A website makeover for all my sites again but this time with a deeper and less expensive marketing strategy. Business websites that do it all, are legible from all devices be it phones, laptops or tablets. Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in shortly.

Spin It for A Good Read

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Spent 5 minutes on a Spin site lately?

It’s amazing what you can find, new authors you’ll discover, and marketing or traffic generation techniques you’ll learn.

It’s a great place to spend your morning coffee break to see what the rest of the internet marketing community is buzzing about.

My personal tip to save time on Spin (or risk clicking and reading and commenting all day) is to choose one topic in the green navigation bar – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Search Marketing, Social Media, Online Marketing, Searching, Other – and browse the headlines. You can find me skimming through the Social Media tab from 9:30-10:15 am EST, Monday to Thursday.

Some of the faces you’ll find there are well known in the industry. Others you’ll be thrilled to discover.

Social Marketing on Spin

Today I landed on a bloggers post and found it informative enough to share. These are the basics of social marketing – build for your market, strategize your efforts, promote others.

Five Reasons I Used to Suck at Social Media (November 7) – “In the last few months, I’ve gone from getting almost no social traffic to regularly having 3,000+ visitor spikes.”

Good read. Especially helpful if you have been hearing all the hype about Web 2.0 traffic, have tried to generate your own Web 2.0 traffic stream, and aren’t seeing the results everyone else is. Courtney also comes clean about the huge waste of effort most internet marketers expend on getting to the top of Digg. Be sure, as well, to skim the comments left on the post.

I’d suggest subscribing to his site as well – the traffic to that blog alone has steadily risen since April 2007 (launch) and is now in the top 25,000 visited sites online (according to Alexa).

A Bit on Spin’s Backend

Last year I told you about a Web 2.0, Open Source software, called Pligg. It was great then and it’s still great today. Not that open source programs don’t come with their own set of problems, but the programmers and volunteers behind Pligg are dedicated and hard-working.

Spin is powered by Pligg (as are a number of very busy and profitable Web 2.0 sites). Launched just 4 months ago, Sphinn’s current Alexa places it in the top 25,000 most visited websites.

If you’ve considered jumping on the bandwagon and having your own Web 2.0 site there’s no time like the present and there’s no better free program and support than Pligg offers (in my opinion anyway).

I have Pligg running on a niche site that I started last year – but did not launch – and loved playing around with it. Pligg has been updated since and is now easier and has more features. (see: Web 2.0 OpenSource).

“…Google,…” says Scoble. (Social Media’s Future)

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Step aside from all the hype, excitement and disruption of Google’s OpenSocial project and what you’ll see is a time saving opportunity in the not too distant future.

At a gathering last night I became ‘as excited as Scoble*‘ trying to explain what OpenSocial meant to the online landscape. And yes, my personal show was complete with arms flapping, heightened voice tone, and even forgetting where I was in the point I was trying to get across.

My friends and associates (who are not geeks and many don’t even own a website) listened and watched for 5 minutes as though I had 5 heads.


Thankfully two entrepreneurs in the room ‘got it’ and wanted to talk more about it – making me feel not quite so ‘fringe’ and nerdy.

So let’s talk about what OpenSocial and those Scoble videos mean to you — the online entrepreneur with a well defined target market — and let’s do it in a less sensationalist manner than I displayed last night. Read the rest of this entry »

More SEO Companies Discuss Alternatives for Website Traffic

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More Visibility, a two time INC. 500 Company (and the only firm in their industry to have received such an honor), often releases free reports and whitepapers to their targeted audience and subscribers (distributed through various channels).

The one I was reading today was a little remedial, but a good primer for new website owners or netpreneurs who haven’t yet considered that there is more to the traffic equation than buying links from other websites.

“Marketing Strategies Beyond Traditional Search” is a tidy 13 page PDF file that discusses contextual advertising, local search, vertical search, affiliate marketing, display advertising, broadband advertising, rich media, and more. If you’ve been marketing online for any amount of time you will not learn anything new from this report, but it might be worth your while to read some of their other free white papers.

The kicker is in the conclusion of “…Beyond Traditional Search,” copied partially below. Remember this is a search engine optimization company (companies whose income depended solely on their ability to achieve top search engine positions for their clients) writing this. Read the rest of this entry »

International Languages: Speaking of 2.0

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Looking for a way to use Web 2.0 (either social networking or social bookmarking) online in languages other than English?

Connecting socially, a lot like Facebook

skyrock.com (also available in Spanish and Dutch)
Home Page: 6
Alexa Traffic Rank 10/07: 26

xiaonei.com (Chinese)
Home Page: 5
Alexa Traffic Rank 10/07: 362

Read the rest of this entry »

Social Networkers, Your New Target Audience

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One of the latest comScore reports on social networking and e-commerce has just been released. You can read some of the findings, free, in the press release.

The reseach supports a similar study completed last year about this time. Last year’s study marked the beginning of my own journey into discovering where all the traffic had gone from my retail and affiliate based sites. (In fact, that statement alone reminds me to share the Boomerang Effect with you. It is the how/why data on consumer trends shopping direct from manufacturer. Perhaps tomorrow.)

Back to the comScore research. Here are a few snippets from the press release.

“…which showed that heavy U.S. visitors to social networking sites are significantly more likely than average to visit leisure-oriented retail site categories, such as music, jewelry/luxury goods/accessories, consumer electronics and apparel.”

“…exhibited a particularly high tendency to visit the more leisure-oriented retail categories…” Read the rest of this entry »

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