Honestly I couldn’t believe the number of people who flocked to MySpace with their online business promotion ideals – making ugly web spaces and creating lists of ‘friends’ that they hoped would somehow amount to ‘worth it‘ in traffic and sales.

I ranted long and furiously about this in another post so I’m not about to get tangled up that negativity again, but you must know this:

“As a writer and tester for the best types of free traffic generation and gaining top search engine ranks, and with a MySpace marketing ebook to sell, I never told you about it. Nor promoted the material. Didn’t even offer it up on one of my top ranking resale rights pages. And I did not share the techniques.”

Why, when I could have raked in a few thousand selling that material?

Because the techniques my peers were sharing were completely against MySpace’s terms of service and the traffic it served was neither predisposed to buy nor focused…didn’t fit in the ‘worth it’ category.

I guess what really irked me was that this product was being peddled all over the ‘net, from website promotion experts that I once held in high regard. Confronting one of them the answer I got was: “It sells” and “everyone else is doing it.”

There’s more, but I’ll spare you the rant.

Then along came SQUIDOO.com to save the day!

Squidoo is the brain child of Seth Godin.

It’s been touted as “MySpace for Grownups”

I want to tell you about it because it is ‘worth it’. Not to mention it’s fast, easy, and free. (Do I sound like “Free Prize Inside” or what?)

The Squidoo technique I’m about to walk you through falls right in line with the method I outlined for you in December (43things…)

First of all, here’s what makes this worth it:

  • Squidoo is ranked by Alexa as being in the top 850 websites online today for traffic. (03/08/07)
  • If you’ve been doing any type of keyword searches in the last few months you’ve probably run across one or more Squidoo pages sitting in the top 20 google results…
  • Pages, that were created for free, by savvy website owners just like you and I.
  • Many of those pages weren’t even around for the last google update in January!

Here’s What You Do to Get 2.0 Traffic and Rank from Squidoo

I really want you to take 20 minutes today to poke around Squidoo. Get an account there and create a page that will interest your target market. And, of course, on that page link to your website using one of your top key word phrases.

In the first week you may wonder if you wasted that twenty minutes, but trust me on this, you haven’t!

As Squidoo grows, your page will be well represented on one of the busiest Web 2.0 authority sites for a long time coming.

Let me give you a few more pointers on Squidoo here before you run off…

  1. Pages on Squidoo are called Lenses
  2. Lenses can consist of many modules
  3. Modules can be text, images from your hard drive, videos from YouTube, rss feed content from your blog (auto updating I might add), plus…
  4. Modules can also consist of income producing units that you can keep all or a portion of, for yourself (stuff from amazon, eBay, iTunes, and more).
  5. Creating a lens is really easy. Adding modules is a breeze. Point, click and type.

    The next two tips are optional, but worthy…

  6. Every time you have 20 minutes to spare, update your lens (page) with some new text or add a new lens to your profile. This is encouraged on Squidoo and NOT against the terms of service.

Now to be clear here, you DO NOT need an ebook to figure out how to get some qualified traffic and search engine positioning with Squidoo, but if time is short and you recognize the value of what Squidoo can do for you in the long term, a walk-through, and marketing tips are well worth the investment.

Wrapping Up 2.0 Marketing with Squidoo

Get some space on Squidoo, leave some valuable content that makes a visitor (or a search engine spider) want to click thorugh to your site(s), and enjoy the traffic increase.

I’ll be back with more of the best targeted traffic tips shortly,

Laura Childs

p.s. If you come into Squidoo on my recommendation I’ll know you’re there and will help you with comments, suggestions and/or promotion (as always), but you don’t need me to get your free account.

p.s.s. If you want the best help, get Tiffany’s ebook and stay up to date on Squidoo with her follow up emails.