I have been reading and reviewing products, websites, books and ebooks on Web 2.0 to stay on top of this coming trend major shift in online traffic sources for you.

Below are my list of resources that I’ve completed and am ready to comment on:

Newest Release on Web 2.0 Time Saver – FriendFeed

You don’t need to read about it twice! The info and training on FriendFeed is here. (Opens in a new window.)

Latest Release on Web 2.0 Traffic Techniques – YahooAnswers

Web 2.0 traffic and expert status with YahooAnswers.

Yahoo Answers is an internet marketer’s dream, if you know the steps. You’ll want to get in fast, answer questions in the best way, and gain points and backlinks that position you as the expert. It is quick and easy when you know how and is applicable to nearly every niche. Targeted traffic anyone? Although you could click around and try to find the best way to become part of this community and gain the success you deserve, this small book that is priced just right at $7 will save you hours and move you to success a lot quicker – so you can get on with the rest of your day.
Read more here: Web 2.0 Marketing – YahooAnswers.

Web 2.0 Traffic Strategies – HubPages

Two HubPage products combined. A video series plus an ebook.

Smart marketers have been utilizing the power of HubPages for years for backlinks, social status, search engine indexing and higher ranks. There’s more but that should be enough to sell you that you need to have some presence on HubPages if you’re going to market any product or service online today. This video set and bonus ebook will set you back a whole $7, but will save you hours hunting around online for all the tips you’ll find inside.

Read more here: HubPages – Web 2.0 Traffic, Backlinks, Status.

Help! I don’t have a clue about Web 2.0…

Free Download – Brief Intro to Web 2.0 for Business

If you’re feeling like a fish out of water or you’re just starting to market products and services online and you want to know how to get your website indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing, plus start getting some traffic to your website, you really need to first understand the concepts of Web 2.0. By the way, where have you been? I’ve been talking about this since 2004! The free ebook on Web 2.0 is a little old (2006) but all the principles remain true today. Once you’ve got a handle on the concept, come back here and learn some more! 🙂

Latest Release on Web 2.0 Traffic Techniques – Squidoo

Web 2.0 ebook on Squidoo.

This one’s on Squidoo and it’s written by a internet marketer who has learned to use Squidoo to the ultimate benefit – to educate readers, build a newsletter subscriber list, and make affiliate sales all from free Squidoo pages. If you haven’t heard of Squidoo yet, it’s truly time to check this out. I personally just had affiliate commissions come in from a few travel pages I’d set up on Squidoo – and I’m relatively certain that earning money from the travel niche is one of the hardest markets you can go after!

You can read my basic intro here, but if you really want to shorten the learning curve, get Making Money with Web 2.0 on Squidoo!

The Focus is on YouTube, but Apply It WorldWide for Huge Traffic

eBook on Using Web 2.0 Video Sites (focus is on YouTube) to Gain Huge Traffic to Your Site

Web 2.0 Video Sharing for Website Promotion: This is one book I’d planned on writing myself, just because my little test back in March 2006 was so lucrative. However compiling the results, supporting customers, doing screen captures and walk-throughs was far more work than I had time to do. Thankfully, and surprisingly, a fantastic resale rights product on the subject was created! I know, resale rights products are usually junk. Not this one. $7 gives you the information, 1 days work is your investment, truly targeted traffic day after day (for me it’s been nearly a year) is your reward.

Sounds Like Hype? Check the Proof! Huge Website Traffic from One Video

eBook Explaining How One Person Used Free Video Sites to 1000 Visitors in One Day

John Legere drove 1,000 visitors to his new high traffic site in one day using just one video! He outlines the secrets, the strategies and the tricks to do this effectively and quickly, for just $7. A must read for all website owners.


And, of course, the new Stampede Secret – an explanation of Web 2.0 and the basic ‘rules’ of play as well as training on creating your own site strategy. Includes tip sheets and work sheets updated every 2-3 months. Check it out here – Web 2.0 Traffic Strategy.