The world wide web is changing at an alarming rate. Have you noticed or read the current surfer stats?

If you have you know that your business should be booming with all the extra people who have found their way online in the last year. Especially if you’re actively marketing with blogs and rss feeds?

Focus. Attitude. Knowledge. Personality.

The major shift is already upon us and our old marketing techniques are getting tired. Video has arrived, google has made serious changes to their search engine algorithms, and your website visitors are savvier than ever…

You’ve got to stay on top of all this if you’re building or maintaining a business online.

Whether we want to be in this state of change or not, doesn’t matter. We’re stuck with the change because the www is changing. And the tool that’s going to keep us afloat and prosperous is knowledge.

It’s time to get lean and mean with both your marketing and your time.

I’ll be gone for the next 10-12 days, and we’ll carry on from there. In the meantime, if you need any help with blogs, making money, wordpress, or niche marketing I’ve listed my personal go-to info sources over at

If you want to wait for my return, leave a note on the site, or email me directly. I will reply when I get back.

To your marketing success!

Laura Childs

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