A lot of people email me asking how to build a Web 2.0 site from the ground up. (Answers vary based on target market, site mandates, etc.)

One area I haven’t had requests for in the past year however, are queries on how to build a mobile website on a .mobi domain, an m. sub-domain, or even a mobile friendly website on a standalone .com, .org, or .net domain. This is in spite of the fact that any marketer or business owner on their game would see the huge opportunity for building mobile accessible websites based on how fast we’ve come to rely on the world wide web and cell phone use.

A few months back I started optimizing my websites for mobile access. Some of them were re-worked site wide by recoding my style sheets so that full content of the website was accessible and legible on the smaller screen of a cell phone, smart phone, or tablet. Other websites were made mobile friendly by re-creating some of the most relevant or sought after content for my cell phone and tablet visitors. Those new pages were placed on an altogether new .mobi site, or in a ‘.m’ sub-domain – with a redirect script for mobile visitors (the redirect script ensured that all visitors with smaller screens were automatically served the mobile friendly content).

I theorized that this was such a clever marketing strategy and that every site (every type of site) I owned was deserving of it’s very own strategy). Ecstatic I created mobile sites years ahead of everyone else. Clever? Smart? Perhaps. This ‘smart’ strategy is costing me quite a few dollars in freelanced and outsourced hours.

Today my strategy is quite different. Now that the world (and internet marketers) are catching up, it is time for a new direction. A website makeover for all my sites again but this time with a deeper and less expensive marketing strategy. Business websites that do it all, are legible from all devices be it phones, laptops or tablets. Stay tuned and I’ll fill you in shortly.