A subscriber just wrote me from another site asking:

“Laura! What’s all this talk about traffic with Web 2.0? Is SEO dead?”

No, search engine optimization (the high-end webmastering techniques for preparing your site for high rankings in the search engines) is certainly not dead. However, not much is new in the SEO standpoint of building website traffic so I don’t write much about it anymore.

After all, once you understand the importance of backlinks, latent semantic indexing, theming, etc., and you’ve got those top ranks for your chosen keywords, what’s left to do for more traffic?

Well…you could pay for it. You could trade it. Or you could just get your ads, offers, self, in front of your customers more often.

Yes, I said ‘self’.

If you don’t have time for this, then put in the effort for strategizing and hire a student to do it for you.

One better is to set up a 2.0 web site that is so catchy and exciting your target customer is going to land on your site just for kicks.

I’m sure you’re scratching your head over that one. “Just for kicks? You want me to build a website just for kicks?”

That’s right, I said ‘just for kicks’.

And the reason why I said it is due largely to the current research I’ve done on 2005-2007 surfer activity trends for my Web 2.0 project. I’ll admit most of my research has been US and Canadian based but that is the lion’s share of my own target markets.

I know there are a lot of sharp business minded folks eager to scoff at Web 2.0 due to the fact that the profit model is seldom discussed in business plans for these sites. Unless of course you consider the buy-out option. Check out YouTube selling for $1.65 billion, or MySpace, or any of the other 2.0 styled websites that were once free for the user but now have their profit venues in plain sight.

Our sharp business-minded friends just haven’t looked closely enough. Just haven’t considered perhaps the variety of ways a Web 2.0 site’s traffic could be the first point of contact for a market that is impossible to reach by any other means.

On the other hand I’ve seen some offline corporates ‘getting it’…

But let’s back up here in case you aren’t quite ready to build a Web 2.0 site of your own or use existing Web 2.0 sites to obtain more traffic, because you’re still battling reaching those high ranks in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

I’m not going to re-iterate information I’ve shared before on search engine optimization, nor will I be creating ebooks and courses on the subject. It’s too old hat and I’ve discussed it long enough. I’m also aware that most of my readers are already advanced enough and ready for ‘what’s next’ in traffic generation.

However, if you’re new to this topic. If you don’t already have high ranks in the search engines. If you still think that you get to choose the keywords to rank high in for maximum traffic. Or if you think that being #1 for just any old term is excellent simply because there are 16 million other pages in google indexed for that term…then allow me to suggest a free 6 day email course. Also allow me to suggest that you read each email two or three times over – skimming won’t work. Neither will knowing – knowing is never enough – you must also ‘do’.

The course is a little lame (I thought anyway) on days 1 and 2. Take that with a grain of salt as it’s been a few years since I studied search engine optimization basics and the course may have been re-written since then. But on day 3 the real search engine rank and traffic techniques start flowing freely. “How to Apply the 7 Most Powerful Web Traffic…”

When you’re done the course, and have your high ranks in the search engines, come on back for Web 2.0 traffic advice.

My best to you,

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Laura Childs

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