New applications are being created everyday for using and the inclusion of, RSS Feeds.

Just this morning I have read of two downloadable applications that scan and provide feed content to user’s desktops in a ticker type fashion. This is a little different than a personal RSS reader as the program is actually supplied by a marketer or company preloaded with the marketing RSS url and no other URLs are ever to be added to the reader.

Having news on YOUR computer’s desktop might not be right for YOU, but it is definately right for MANY others who desire to be in constant contact with their favorite writers, companies and product creators.

Could YOU think of a more VALUABLE place to have your site’s newest articles and product offerings displayed than on a personal desk or laptop screen?

Besides new applications for feeds I’m also noticing plenty of websites cropping up that are either using other’s RSS feeds (hopefully they’re using one of yours!) for their own content, or are aggregating feeds for subscribers. Others still are simply directories of RSS Feeds, something you’ll definately want to stay abreast of and be listed in.

The feed you create today will have ‘long arms’ reaching out to new prospects.

There is more to come. So much more.

If you haven’t created your feed yet, I urge you to drop what you’re doing and embrace this technology today. Your timing couldn’t be any more perfect.