Strategic Social Marketing

Not willing to risk wasting your time, potentially telling you information you already know, I'm going to make this short and sweet... 

The internet is changing. Namely the products people buy and the websites they frequent. Their favorite online activities, the people they listen to, and the way they interact.

Those of us who have been online since the late 90s and who study the flow of traffic and trends in e-commerce will all tell you the same thing.

"Techniques for gaining traffic, subscribers and sales of two years ago no longer work..."

There are reasons for this. Research to support it. New techniques to keep your website in profit...and it's all inside "Strategic Social Marketing" by Laura Childs.

Strategic Social Marketing (2007-2009)

  • 57 pages  

  • instantly downloadable

  • PDF format

  • a lightly edited version of the well-received "Stampede Secret 2.0" (April, 2007 - no longer in print)

  • backed by research

  • tested and tracked in various markets

  • teaches shortcuts to success with social bookmarking, social networking and Web 2.0 for niche markets

  • includes examples of corporate, negative press, best tags (keywords) and pages to target

  • answers your questions: "Why isn't Web 2.0 working for me?", and, "How do I get my website traffic back?"

Plus much more.

I'm not about to go into some long-winded pitchy sales diatribe here. The content will stand on it's own and prove it's value to you. In fact it has been compared by one of the sharpest online minds as being comparable to a high priced, top notch, Marketing Sherpa report.

You may need to read this book twice...

If you're used to the regular drivel sold online, and you have found yourself skimming other ebooks for the 'nuggets' of gold, that won't serve you with Strategic Social Marketing.

You need to read and digest the contents. You need to then put into motion the 12 step action plan (or at least the steps that relate to your target market).

Yes, you will need to work the gray matter to devise a personal strategy based on what you learn, but...

You will find me if you need to collaborate...

If you don't 'get it', you may need to drop me an email explaining your focus, your target market, your website, your needs, your experience with online marketing, and ask for some professional assistance. My email is inside the ebook or you can leave a comment and I will reply within 2-4 days. I will help you as I have helped so many others before you. 

My name is Laura Childs and I really am here to help.

I have been working online from home since 1997. I have owned over 40 websites, worked for corporations, authors, and a multitude of home based business owners.

If you run a search on google for "Laura Childs business" or "Laura Childs marketing" you will find hundreds of thousands of references to my past and present work. I have grown a business with the internet, watched the changing face and pace of the world wide web, and understand that 'pulse' as a geek, a consumer, a writer, a blogger, an author, a search engine optimizer, and a niche marketer.

This book was written for you. The small business owner.

Strategic Social Marketing will teach you how the internet is being used today by the majority and how you can position yourself and your website for profit for years to come. (I do realize that 'years to come' is a tall claim, but it is one I stand behind given past predictions and involvement.)

The ebook is $27, priced affordably for every person who 'means business' online.

The order button below will whisk you away to PayPal's secure servers. You can pay via PayPal or any major credit card.

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  2. If you miss the redirect you can pick up your copy of this ebook through a follow up email I will send to your inbox. Click the confirmation link in that email and you will instantly be taken to the download page.

  3. If you miss both redirects you can email me or use the contact form and I will reply within a day's time.  

I offer a 30 day, full and complete, money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your copy of Strategic Social Marketing.


Laura Childs


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Want to Know What Possibly Was Shared That You Didn't Already Know About Online Business?

I'll let Tiffany Dow tell you since she's the first person I shared the strategy with. Tiffany, if you don't know her already, spent years as a ghostwriter for Rich Schefren, John Reese, Jimmy Brown and other marketing gurus.

The woman knows her stuff so well that the masters in this business pen their names to her work!

Tiffany Dow - Social Networking Expert
"As a firm believer in the power of peer-to-peer influence in the marketing world...

Andy Beard (a highly respected blogger and content reviewer) also read the work and said...more

But please understand, that guide is no longer for sale at any price...

However, Strategic Social Marketing (introduced on this page) is a guide that is more affordable and accessible to all niche market website owners looking to grab some lucrative Web 2.0, social marketing, traffic...
Designing and Implementing an Intelligent Traffic Strategy for Your Niche Market Website...Web 2.0 Social Marketing for All!

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