We’re already a week into August.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the latest round of Google PR updates and although I know they’re recently updated, I’m not convinced PR is stable – yet.


Well none of my sites moved in their PR. Makes sense they didn’t go up because I haven’t been working much lately and certainly haven’t been striving for higher PR. What alerts me that PR update is not complete is that some of my sites and pages truly deserved to dip in PR (given that I’ve ignored them for so long).

I’ll give it a few more days before I update the August-September worksheets.

I’m not one to place huge value on PR – I prefer watching my stats and analytics more as I find those are the true measure of a page or site. However when launching a new site or product I do watch my competitor’s and alliance’s PR. And, when creating content off-site, I make sure I do it on a PR4 or higher page.

Getting More on Google – Page Rank Plus

If you’re up for a bit of reading and want to learn more about Google’s Page Rank, or something even more fun, some speculation on how google integrates data across its services (think this through if you’re using Google’s Analytics…is it a ‘conspiracy’ of sorts or a simple way for Google to re-purpose server power?)

You should stop into Garrett Roger’s ZDNET Google blog.

He found this comment about an Analytics outage:
“I would almost swear this happened last time right before they had the last PR update. I think they use that data in the algorithm if a webmaster has it. Either that or they defer the resources used to power it.”

Then wondered:
“Is it possible they re-purpose Google Analytics servers to do things like compute pagerank when the algorithm changes? Sounds plausable to me.”

Actually if you want to ‘know’ Google, Garrett is one of the best online voices on the subject. Some of the topics he’s writing about just this week are “Comments on Google News” (very Web 2.0), becoming a “Google Business Referral Representative” (a very easy way to make $10 from Google with just a few minutes of work), and “Google Suggest” (a way to tell google what a better search result might be).