There have been a flurry of emails this week over a new program that “Gets You in Google’s Backdoor”

Hmmm, I don’t know about you and your website, but Google has never been a tough search engine to get indexed in from my perspective – and you shouldn’t need a $100 or $200 piece of software to pull it off either!

The rant is on about Google’s new XML sitemap technology.

Google is not hiding this from us as some ‘only the elite are invited’ entrance door. The steps and technology are clearly defined on google’s site.

And the software that’s being promoted may help, but there are a number of free tools available online that promise the same thing!

To see a list of the free tools or learn more about getting into Google easily, in 10 days, without any coding or techno-babble, click over to:

And keep your cash in your pocket…

To Your Success!

Laura Childs