This may have been going on for a while, or just incorporated this week, but while I was scouring the web for Daytona 500 tickets on ebay today I happened to notice a few familiar icons below each auction listing.

eBay, one of the forerunners with Web 2.0 concepts, was one site that I had expected would take much longer to change. 6 years ago they were ahead of 99.9% of us, but now they’ve grown so large that making any changes takes as long as in any other corporation. 16 round table discussions, 14 tele-conferences, 795 shareholder votes (you do know I’m making these numbers up don’t you?) and before a year passes – innovation!

I saw four icons at the bottom of an auction. One was StumbleUpon. Since I was frantically bidding I didn’t stop to take a screen capture, or notice which auction, or if a set criteria caused their display.

Replicate it? Not at this hour. Perhaps it was a test. Only for email watch list updates. Or first time viewed. At any rate, expect to see those Web 2.0 icons to your auctions on a regular basis, soon.

Update – January 28. The social marketing icons set out on ebay’s auction listings.