Hand in hand with the popularity of Web 2.0 sites (based on sharing, interacting, etc.) comes the ability to give content away on third party sites in the form of documents.

Essentially this is a lot like creating Squidoo or HubPages without all the revenue sharing and links distracting your potential prospects.

Within your documents you would place links to your own website (internal and home pages) where the content is related. Yes these are for your potential customers to follow but they are also for the search engine spiders to follow. (If you don’t know the value of one-way backlinks, do a quick search on google to understand this vital part of search engine optimization (SEO).

The news has been out for quite a while about a few of these document sharing sites and the power they possess in the search engines, but with all the new research I’ve been doing lately I thought it would be wise to (a) share these with you, and (b) keep the list on my own site so I can locate it easily later when I roll out this part of my next Web 2.0 marketing strategy.

  1. scribd.com
  2. 4shared.com
  3. docstoc.com
  4. wepapers.com

What you should be doing…

  1. Using decent private label rights or your own articles or ebooks, upload your documents for document sharing to each site. Link to your home page or internal pages within the document.
  2. If the potential exists to create a profile page or socialize on the site, do so, adding your url, bio or link where ever appropriate.
  3. Promote your new promoters! Promote these document pages using whichever tools you have. In some cases you’ll see an autotweet, in others an RSS Feed, and so on. Tweet your pages, submit your feed, ping the top services – whichever promotion methods you are comfortable with or know how to do.

Above all have fun and try something new every day to get your business to the top!