No website is created solo. Such is the case with the Stampede Secret.

Since 2004 there have been thousands of people who have helped make this site a success, inspired me to keep working and sharing my traffic techniques, and helped to promote the site.

Marketing Partner and Co-Author

First of all, there was Dr. Joe Vitale. Joe helped me get the message out of how to use RSS Feeds to increase your website traffic, rank and subscribers. We wrote that report and launched it in under 10 days. I supported our customers via email and a member’s area for 2 years. That was a thrilling time for me – reading our customer’s success stories, interacting with them and understanding where most people are at (or not) with their marketing, and learning how to be a true entrepreneur supplying a product and not just a service, online. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-author, partner, than Joe Vitale. He taught me how to deal with people, understand people, and shared many insights into the human psyche with me.

RSS Traffic Technique Reviews

Thanks must also go out to our reviewers (who ensured that the book was edited for clarity and a wide range of understanding), Rok H who supplied a bonus chapter, and all the affiliates who promoted the ebook.

Dave Vallieres found a typo on our affiliates “How to Promote the Stampede Secret” page and notified me immediately. I still haven’t thanked him enough and I know our affiliates were happy to find they were credited for the sales they helped make!

Site Design and Layout supplied the template for the first run of the Stampede Secret.

Most of the pages on the Stampede Secret are managed via WordPress. This theme was supplied by Just Skins. Of course I’ve made many modifications to the template (as always I just love poking around in code), but the shape still holds true to their original vision (I hope).

More to Thank

Apart from the thousands of visitors and customers of The Stampede Secret, there are even more people to credit and thank, and I’ll get to that later, but right now I have to finish the edits and formating of the new Stampede Secret – Web 2.0 Traffic Techniques, because I’ve managed to build up a waiting list that I’d love to help.