Without a doubt WordPress is the software of choice for serious bloggers, but until you get working with it, it could seem confusing.

Here’s help…

The success in using WordPress for website traffic and sales comes with a price – the learning curve!

If you’ve been feeling alone and frustrated, or are convinced that you don’t have the time to learn a new software program, this will solve your problem.

Watch this series of over 20 free videos right now to get started.

There will be more videos – on more intemediate and advanced topics – within a few weeks.

Don’t hesitate to prepare in advance by seeing this first set free now…

2013 edit: The previous link had expired. I will find you a new set of tutorials shortly. If you’re stuck for good videos, please visit YouTube.com – so many fresh videos are submitted there daily on using WordPress for blogging and visitors. And cut that steep learning curve down to a small incline that leads to success.

Laura Childs