One of the latest comScore reports on social networking and e-commerce has just been released. You can read some of the findings, free, in the press release.

The reseach supports a similar study completed last year about this time. Last year’s study marked the beginning of my own journey into discovering where all the traffic had gone from my retail and affiliate based sites. (In fact, that statement alone reminds me to share the Boomerang Effect with you. It is the how/why data on consumer trends shopping direct from manufacturer. Perhaps tomorrow.)

Back to the comScore research. Here are a few snippets from the press release.

“…which showed that heavy U.S. visitors to social networking sites are significantly more likely than average to visit leisure-oriented retail site categories, such as music, jewelry/luxury goods/accessories, consumer electronics and apparel.”

“…exhibited a particularly high tendency to visit the more leisure-oriented retail categories…”

The Value of Studying the Research

Is this research of any value to you? It may be if you fit (a) or (b) below.

a) If you’re planning on social networking but don’t know which market is most lucrative as the final destination of your networking campaign.

b) If your current products and services are related to a leisure activity. (Investigate and analyze the dot coms who are getting the traffic and increasing profit as a result of social networking.)

Simply Another Component to Advertising and Marketing for E-Commerce

“Savvy retailers understand that e-commerce represents only one component of the incremental sales that result from online advertising efforts, and that the Internet is a powerful medium for brand-building and driving in-store sales.” -comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni

Until next time,

Laura Childs

Laura Childs