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When we launched The Stampede Secret in 2004 and I started to consult with clients on their site’s RSS Feeds, I was shocked at the number of website owners who were happy to spend $97 on an ebook, but who had never done any basic search engine optimization on their websites – namely keyword research and creating a strategy based on those findings!

It’s been one of my pet peeves for years, as far back as 2000, when one of my clients asked me to optimize his site for a term that no one ever typed into the search engines. I told him there was little sense in me performing the work since no one ever searched for that term and provided him with a list of viable options. But he wouldn’t budge. He wanted to come up #1 for the most obscure keyword phrase, so I fired him. (Have you ever fired a client? It’s a very enlightening stance, “I won’t take your money anymore because the work you want me to do is futile.”

Shortly after I fired all my $/hour clients and started out on my own and never looked back. The money’s been rolling in ever since at a much higher rate, and I’m never tied to my work. I do still work a lot, but it’s ‘my’ work, on my terms and the time I invest in other website owners are humanitarian reasons – never at a billable rate.

But I’ve side-tracked here…

Today is about the very basics of a search engine strategy.

If you don’t know these, then you won’t be going very far with your website.

Keywords, tags, phrases – are used in all marketing whether you’re paying for clicks, soliciting higher ranks on the search engines, or performing some very creative marketing on video, network, or bookmarking sites. Once you have these basics down, the world is your oyster.

I once read a series of blog posts from a highly respected, website traffic expert. He was optimizing her site for a three word keyphrase. I wondered why on earth he was after that particular phrase and performed some preliminary research of the term. Guess what? No one was looking for that phrase either!

He did make it to #1 in the king of the search engines (google), but so what? No one was ever going to land on that search page in google!

Be very careful who you take advice from. For all intents and purposes, the writer above seemed on target. Hooray #1!

Who would know that all his time and trouble was a complete waste of time? Who would know not to follow those strategies?

I’m hoping that you will know, now that you’re investing some serious time into your online marketing training. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogs for Search Engines and Users

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A few notes today for you about getting the most out of WordPress…

1. The latest WordPress update is 2.0.3

The update fixes trackback and security issues.

Step by Step Upgrade Notes:

Latest WordPress Download:

2. Optimizing WordPress for Search Engines

Blogs are quickly flooding the marketplace and the search engines are adjusting. It’s time to ‘take it up a notch’ and the task is easy with a few simple tools and these WordPress tricks…

Read the complete article at:

To Your Continued Blogging Success!

p.s. If you’re looking for something to make your blog ‘look’ spiffier to your website visitors you have to check out all the free WordPress templates here:

But please remember that the search engines don’t reallly care how pretty your blog is, they want to see optimized content and tags before they give you high marks!

RSS – Why, What, How and More for You

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I’ve got an incredible free resource for you today…and I can’t take credit for any of it.

This is a gift from Rok over at the Marketing Studies website.

Even if you think you’ve got RSS pegged now, I urge you to at least download and skim it.

And, if the ‘RSS puzzle pieces’ aren’t fitting together for you yet, this book fills in the blanks.

It will answer ‘Why’.
It will answer ‘What’.
It will answer ‘How’.

‘Which’ only takes us to page 11 of 28 information rich text pages and easy to follow flow charts to help you make sense of RSS.

You can read more about Rok in the pdf but here’s what he says about this report…

“Misunderstood by most marketers, overlooked by many end users, it (RSS) has the potential to power the entire internet marketing mix…

“The purpose of this report is to demonstrate just how RSS can help you improve your bottom line and show you how to integrate it within all of your internet marketing and publishing activities.”

Let me know if I can help you with any questions you may have about RSS.

Laura Childs

p.s. Download this RSS report here: free RSS ebook.

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