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There are tons of “How To Succeed With MySpace” reports and e-books being sold now (and franky they drive me around the bend because I see no good end for people who invest hours into promoting their urls or products there), but there is only one digital product available right now that actually talks about the pros and cons of making your own Web 2.0 site. You can actually follow along as the writer builds a site from the ground up!

I’d thought of doing this myself but the site I’m launching has been a dream for 2 years and is only just now coming to fruition. I may introduce it here at a later date. In the meantime, see what Rich is up to by clicking on the green book graphic (top left) of all my pages.

The site the author’s creating differs from the Web 2.0 site I want to show you next. However, the core principle is the same – it’s all about people.

The site I’m featuring in this post, and I don’t do this often here as I have a separate area set up for Web 2.0 site examples, is www.WishHood.com.

If you haven’t seen or heard of it yet, prepare yourself. You’ll likely be hearing about it soon. The developers are busy, they’ve even created a widget that bloggers, site owners, myspace users can insert into their own pages. See mine here. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Side of Web 2.0

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Let’s talk about the main reason social networking and bookmarking Web 2.0 sites have grown in popularity and capitalized on visitor traffic and time. (If you don’t think Web 2.0 sites are capitalizing on the average user’s online time – social networking sites or other Web 2.0 styled sites – you need to see some of the usage reseach reports I’ve been reading! Those stats will blow your mind!)

Why Social Web 2.0 Sites Are So Hot – And Why the Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere, Anytime Soon

You and I are likely very much the same. We look at online time as a time for learning, expanding our marketing reach, and creating new income opportunities. You might, like I, have dismissed the idea of openly sharing contacts, desires, ambitions and favorites online as a passing fad – surely the only thing really worth sharing is research and information!

But you and I are only a small percentage of internet users – a miniscule representation. The rest of the world is finding that creating lists, sharing stories and photos, personal achievements and goals for the future is satisfying their need to connect to the world on a more personal level – and the web is just the place to do so.

I invite you to take a step back from the time you spend online and look to the average internet surfer. Why are they spending more time online now than they are sitting in front of the television? Reading books? Or for that matter frequenting bars, theaters, and the like?

It’s all about the human need to connect, the need to share, and the need for acceptance.

Finding like minds. Read the rest of this entry »

A Few Web 2.0 Site Success Principles

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In my online research during the past 6 months – assessing, visiting and watching the traffic trends of Web 2.0 sites – I’ve noticed many aspects that either give or distract from the success of those sites. I’ll be sharing these observations over the coming weeks – bit by bit.

Of course these are nothing more than an outsider’s perspective and analysis. There is no way of knowing 100% the mandate, the growth pattern, or the strategies employed for any one site (unless publicly posted).

So with that, here are the first few ‘do nots’ for consideration if you want your 2.0 site to be successful.

Do Not Be A Web 2.0 Island

Do not believe your site can stand on it’s own if it’s a social (network or bookmark) style site. Do not ignore the fact that social network sites need a framework and traffic source outside of itself in order to thrive and grow. Although the users within your site might like to keep their new found corner of the online world their little secret, you will need to ensure that a consistent stream of traffic (through advertising or viral marketing) keeps your site fresh and exciting.

A Web 2.0 socially-minded site links freely to other networks and stand-alone sites, and as such is linked to just as freely. This is the premise of the blog, before WordPress and other CMS platforms incorporated the ‘nofollow’ tag within updated coding. Blogger’s trackbacks and commenting is one of the main reasons blogs hit the spotlight in the webmaster’s world and rose to fame on the dawn of the 2.0 scene.

New and consistent traffic isn’t the only way to keep things fresh. You might also integrate new tools, new sub-groups within the main group, or new sites that match the interests of your users. The options and strategies will vary greatly across target markets so I am unable to supply one grand example that showcases this strategy and will not distract from your own creativity.

Do Not Ignore Incentives

Once the novelty, or the initial purpose, of any social network Web 2.0 site has worn off, ask yourself this: “What’s Left?”

Ask that especially if the site is one of your own!

Do your users have an incentive of any sort to: Keep coming back? Refer more users? Add more content?

Other than the ‘popularity contests’ that are so vital to the insecure or immature (get as many friends on your list as possible and you are more loved, more accepted and therefore ‘win’), what is the incentive for your visitors to keep visiting?

Here’s where many sites drop the ball. After a while of collecting friends, making casual acquaintences, and grouping all their real world buddies hooked in – user’s lose interest, find the next cool site, and start all over again – on some other Web 2.0 site!

What I’m saying is don’t ignore incentives. A few ‘add content, social networking’ sites now share the advertising revenue with it’s users. A pittance for the most part, but an incentive nonetheless.

Other Web 2.0 sites have a career incentive (facebook), or find love incentives (like so many dating sites).

This is where strategy comes into play and again the answer to the incentives equation is different for every target market. I’ve got some of my own ideas I’ll be shooting for on my Web 2.0 sites – perhaps I’ll share them (and the results) in a few months time.

Until next time, when I discuss more of the integral components of successful Web 2.0 sites – What to do, and what not to do.

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2.0 Website for Internet Marketers

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Clearly we’re well into 2007 now, the New Year has passed and most of our resolutions already fallen and forgotten.

There is one however that I’m adamant about and that is to do my part to put an end to the bad advice given by the internet marketers to the struggling entrepreneur in the form of $27-$97 ebooks.

This is a tough one. Ebooks or training courses that are just right for one, is completely old hat and useless for another. It all depends on your current level of understanding and experience, how much you value knowledge and new techniques, and if the writer or trainer connects with you on a personal level. (Remember your high school teacher that you couldn’t stand or understand but others in your class loved and florished under?)

I quickly learned this lesson in the first version of The Stampede Secret back in 2004.

For every customer that wrote in and said “I don’t understand this aspect. It’s too hard,” there would be another that would write in and say “Okay, I’ve got that. Now what’s the next step? Give me the advanced stuff…” That’s one of the reasons I ended up putting all the strategy lessons in the Member’s Area. Customers landed there when they were ready for the next level of marketing with blogs and rss feeds.

Choosing Information That’s Right For You

What was needed in our internet marketing industry was a venue for people to get the inside scoop on a product – without the sales pitch. Real reviews from real people with no affiliate link attached makes it much easier to determine if a course or ebook is right for you or a waste of your time and money.

A 2.0 Website Launch – Real People Writing Honest Reviews

When Dave Vallieres offered to involve me in a new website project, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. It fit my 2007 mandate and resolution (to put the right products in the right people’s hands) perfectly!

Not only that, but it is clearly a 2.0 site, another of my mandates for 2007 site creation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Watch a 2.0 Website Being Born

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It’s Saturday evening as I write this to you – just 12 hours+- before folks around the world herald in the New Year with goals and hopes for 2007…

And even though I’m loathe to bother you on a weekend or during such a special holiday season, I did want to talk to you a bit more about Web 2.0 and how you can benefit from the changes that are upon us.

TRAFFIC! The lifeblood of any online business.

Web 2.0 has already started changing the face of website traffic – where your visitors come from, and whether they’ll be spending, subscribing, or simply leaving your site in boredom (we’ll get to the ‘hold them there’ techniques another day).

Last week I disclosed to you one of my earlier Web 2.0 traffic techniques (if you missed it, see Web 2.0 traffic technique).

Then I sent you in the direction of a group of respected marketers who are teaching us to use 2.0 sites to send oodles of visitors to your existing site(s).

The audio and transcript is still free if you want to check it out again – see Harnessing Web 2.0 sites for Targeted Traffic.


What’s missing here is an in-depth and thorough explanation of Web 2.0 – with an explanation of why it’s taking over the internet.

I CANNOT stress this enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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