Google’s Back Door?

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More on Google this post…

How to get more of your site’s pages listed in Google, faster!

I hope your summer has been both fun and profitable!

I’ve been busy with the farm, but also with testing new tools (both free and paid) over the summer and I’ll let you in on these promotional shortcuts and my test results throughout the coming weeks.

But quickly today I want to tell you about the hot new way to get more of your content listed in google quicker than clicking an Add Url Button…

It doesn’t cost a cent, just a few minutes of your time.

This technique is a ‘spin off’ of sneaking in the back door of yahoo without the $299 inclusion fee.

Only this time, it’s google we’re after!

I’m sure you know that google doesn’t charge for inclusion, but it can take 4-6 weeks to get google to visit a new site or index new pages on an existing site.

This technique cuts that time down to 3-4 days!

Even if your site is already listed in google, take 5 minutes and set this up anyway. This will ensure that google crawls your site more often and indexes your new pages and posts faster.

And, this technique also works for websites that aren’t running RSS Feeds or blogs…I’ll show you how.

Scoot over to to catch the lesson and implement this right away.


* revisited and edited in January 2007 * this technique is still one of my favorite techniques when launching new sites. It’s fast and free – what more could a marketer ask for?

Laura Childs

Blogs for Search Engines and Users

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A few notes today for you about getting the most out of WordPress…

1. The latest WordPress update is 2.0.3

The update fixes trackback and security issues.

Step by Step Upgrade Notes:

Latest WordPress Download:

2. Optimizing WordPress for Search Engines

Blogs are quickly flooding the marketplace and the search engines are adjusting. It’s time to ‘take it up a notch’ and the task is easy with a few simple tools and these WordPress tricks…

Read the complete article at:

To Your Continued Blogging Success!

p.s. If you’re looking for something to make your blog ‘look’ spiffier to your website visitors you have to check out all the free WordPress templates here:

But please remember that the search engines don’t reallly care how pretty your blog is, they want to see optimized content and tags before they give you high marks!

Confused about Using WordPress As Your Blogging Platform?

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Without a doubt WordPress is the software of choice for serious bloggers, but until you get working with it, it could seem confusing.

Here’s help…

The success in using WordPress for website traffic and sales comes with a price – the learning curve!

If you’ve been feeling alone and frustrated, or are convinced that you don’t have the time to learn a new software program, this will solve your problem.

Watch this series of over 20 free videos right now to get started.

There will be more videos – on more intemediate and advanced topics – within a few weeks.

Don’t hesitate to prepare in advance by seeing this first set free now…

2013 edit: The previous link had expired. I will find you a new set of tutorials shortly. If you’re stuck for good videos, please visit – so many fresh videos are submitted there daily on using WordPress for blogging and visitors. And cut that steep learning curve down to a small incline that leads to success.

Laura Childs

Free Google Inclusion – What’s the Big Deal?

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There have been a flurry of emails this week over a new program that “Gets You in Google’s Backdoor”

Hmmm, I don’t know about you and your website, but Google has never been a tough search engine to get indexed in from my perspective – and you shouldn’t need a $100 or $200 piece of software to pull it off either!

The rant is on about Google’s new XML sitemap technology.

Google is not hiding this from us as some ‘only the elite are invited’ entrance door. The steps and technology are clearly defined on google’s site.

And the software that’s being promoted may help, but there are a number of free tools available online that promise the same thing!

To see a list of the free tools or learn more about getting into Google easily, in 10 days, without any coding or techno-babble, click over to:

And keep your cash in your pocket…

To Your Success!

Laura Childs

RSS Ripples into Mainstream with Adsense

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Have you sent me your rss feed link?

If you do, I’ll be happy to keep an eye on it for you.

I know that running an online business, keeping up with all the trends, and be a cutting-edge innovator in your field is next to impossible.

There just aren’t enough hours in a day.

But I need to give you a head’s up on this…RSS is moving mainstream and the window for small-to-medium sized business or niche
marketers is still wide open as this happens.

Here’s where we go mainstream, and you become a cutting-edge innovator…

“Google is now in beta phase with their Adsense in RSS program.”

If that’s all geek speak to you I apologize.

In English:

1. You add an item to your RSS Feed.
2. Google serves up an advertisement to match your content.
3. If a reader clicks the ad, you make money.

Want to know more?

Click the link.

You’ll get a taste of what’s to come as well as a brain-dump of “To Adsense or Not Adsense”.

Drop me a line on the site if you want to talk more about this. And by all means send me your feed link if I don’t already have it!

Yours in Success!


p.s. One of the things that working with Dr. Joe Vitale has taught me is that the early adopters establish themselves in their chosen market with less struggle and clawing to get to the top in their market. I’ll continue to keep you posted on relevant RSS News as it hits the presses.

It’s Time You Knew How Easy RSS Feeds Really Are…

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In the past this information has been saved for Stampede Secret clients, but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

This software officially launched in 2004 and makes RSS Feed creation and updates a snap.

If you’re following another marketing plan and haven’t heard of this software yet, you’re:

a) wasting precious time,
b) not reaping the full benefits of RSS, and
c) possibly driving yourself crazy working in raw code.

Save your time, reap the benefits and update your feed on a more frequent basis – effortlessly and quickly.

If you can type a few lines of text and supply the url, this software does all the rest! Including transferring your updated RSS Feed to your website!

I can’t recommend this enough.

The Fast Changing World of RSS

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I am amazed at how fast the technology and services for RSS feeds and blogs are changing!

In the member’s area we have a directory with all the newly tested software, services and tactics on:

– RSS creation,
– RSS delivery,
– RSS submission, and
– RSS and website strategies.

It’s all I can do to refresh and keep that area up to date!

For instance, the submissions page just had a shake down. No longer do our customers need to spend hours submitting their RSS feed urls to directories by hand.

We’ve provided software (selling elsewhere for $27-$47) that handles all your RSS feed submissions for you.

During the shake-down of the manual submissions, a few website directories were found to be be moving really quickly in the RSS field. One was *omited*.com*.

If already have a feed (whether user defined or as the result of blogging) I strongly suggest you submit it there!

I’ll be there in about an hour submitting our subscriber’s feeds as a courtesy – with their permission of course.

I’ll see you there and at the top of the search engines!

Laura Childs

P.S. How about you? Are you receiving updates as they happen in the RSS world or are you gleaning information from stale web pages that haven’t been updated in a while?

* 2007 edit: The mentioned above is no longer in service. Shortly after launch it jumped 2 google page ranks and ran for a few years with many users in the industry raving about it!

Who’s Teaching What About RSS?

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Time is a precious commodity and none of us has hours to wile away.

The market is growing saturated with RSS Feed reports at varying prices from a variety of sources. Some are even free! I try to get my head into each one as they’re published to be certain that I don’t miss a trick in helping you to the ultimate level of success with your RSS promotions. Seldom do I find anything of interest or techniques that are ‘proven’.

Ask yourself, before you slap down your hard earned dollars or forfeit hours of your time on any information the following:

WHO has written the report I’m planning on buying? Can they prove SUCCESS using their own advice? Is the information UP TO DATE?

And, MOST importantly…

Are they accessible to their purchasers?

If you’re wondering about The Stampede Secret:

WHO: One of the world’s best copywriters wrote the material (Joe Vitale), teamed with an ex-software trainer acclaimed for turning difficult to understand geek-speak into digestible English.

PROVEN TACTICS: Purchasers of The Stampede Secret have access to a third party verifiable case study of a
readership increase of 629% solely attributable to RSS Feed inclusion on an old and lagging website.

Not to mention the glowing testimonials received from other professional marketers.

CURRENT INFO: Many of the recently launched products (most selling at a much lower rates than The Stampede Secret and only one that I know of selling higher as it’s a home study kit), still walk their users through the long, hard way of creating an RSS Feed. On the other hand, we’ve had our subscribers using the fast and easy method, via software that was still in beta (but was rigorously tested) for the past two years. Further, our subscribers always receive the most current news in the industry through the member’s area and by email updates.

ACCESS: We support you. Many subscribers write personal emails asking for assistance with their websites, their feeds, or even just to have an extra set of eyes to proof their text. I’ve got an email box full of people’s notes (that I often visit for a little emotional boost) thanking Joe and I for the ‘extra’ service, and another email box full of people saying how well their RSS Feed has worked for them by following our advice.

Unsolicited Comments found on Michael Green’s How To Forum for Marketers…


Please value your own time – every hour you waste doing something the wrong way or the long way, is time that could have been spent earning you traffic and income. Information gleaned at a discount or for free is not always a ‘deal’. You want to take advice and learn from people who have had success (and can prove it) using the information provided.

I don’t think I need to ‘sell’ you on the fact that if you have a website, you need an RSS Feed – currrent market
interest is doing a fine job of convincing you! But I do urge you to be careful where you glean your information and how you spend your hard earned dollars and time-crunched days.

To Your Success!

Laura Childs

p.s. the original stream from the forum is copied below for your convenience.


I’ve also been amazed at how much having a blog can do for your traffic, and also just getting in the search engines to start with.

I recently started 2 blogs on new sites I couldn’t seem to get indexed. I then submitted it to about 20 blog search engines. 3 or 4 days later, they were in both Yahoo and Google. And both sites had PR by the end of the month as well. Now the traffic has started to increase.

That got me so excited that I bought Joe Vitale and Laura Childs ebook this weekend (The Stampede Secret), and my head is just spinning with all the extra tips they give. Their book is highly recommended! Here is the URL without any affiliate link, just so you know that this is a real recommendation and not a pitch:

After seeing how powerful a blog can be, I would recommend one to anyone who isn’t getting enough traffic to their site, or having trouble getting their site indexed. (That should cover just about everyone. 🙂



Hi Linda,

Yes, Stampede Secret is the first, and so far, the best book I’ve read on the subject.

Not only that, but Laura Childs has some terrific “niche” products that she has promoted using the very techniques she talks about in her book.

Check them out here:

One thing I always like to know before I take advice from anyone is, “has this person actually used this technique to market a *real* product?”

Of course this is the case with Laura. I can attest to the effectiveness of her approach as I have also had success with this. You will even find my testimonial on (something I rarely do:-)


Tim Erway”

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