More SEO Companies Discuss Alternatives for Website Traffic

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More Visibility, a two time INC. 500 Company (and the only firm in their industry to have received such an honor), often releases free reports and whitepapers to their targeted audience and subscribers (distributed through various channels).

The one I was reading today was a little remedial, but a good primer for new website owners or netpreneurs who haven’t yet considered that there is more to the traffic equation than buying links from other websites.

“Marketing Strategies Beyond Traditional Search” is a tidy 13 page PDF file that discusses contextual advertising, local search, vertical search, affiliate marketing, display advertising, broadband advertising, rich media, and more. If you’ve been marketing online for any amount of time you will not learn anything new from this report, but it might be worth your while to read some of their other free white papers.

The kicker is in the conclusion of “…Beyond Traditional Search,” copied partially below. Remember this is a search engine optimization company (companies whose income depended solely on their ability to achieve top search engine positions for their clients) writing this. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Bookmark Sites

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There are over 140 bookmarking sites on, it would be silly to repeat them all again. Instead I have just listed some of the larger ones that pass page rank as well as the movers and shakers in a few niche markets.

Be sure to see your training manual on this (in the strategy step by step) before you begin bookmarking to get the best results. There is little sense bookmarking if your target market doesn’t bookmark or the bookmark sites have ‘nofollow’ tags employed. Each link goes to a seperate post with more information (time permitting).

This list is always updating so if you want to receive notification of updates, leave a comment and subscribe to comments below or sign up for the StampedeSecret newsletter at right.
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Learn Web 2.0 Traffic Strategies…

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…and assist a worthwhile cause.

Something very special is happening this month and with it comes an opportunity to:

– help children
– learn new web 2.0 traffic techniques
– win cash and prizes

…plus it doesn’t cost you a dime and I’ve dedicated my July to help you!

A new challenge to help missing children reunite with their families.

The challenge involves creating a Squidoo lens on a missing child which, even if you’ve never done it before, takes about 20 minutes to complete.

At the end of July the lens with the highest rank on Squidoo wins a $100 paypal prize. I’ve also thrown in a second prize of The Stampede Secret or $50 cash. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming Clean About Web 2.0 Targeting

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Nearly a week after the fact, I took the time out to listen to Jack Humphrey and Brandon Hall on their Web 2 Submitter bonus call.

To be completely transparent here I was a little jaded when I plugged in my headset.


A few reasons:

  1. A StomperNet faculty member told me to run screaming from any product that automates any process regarding a Web 2.0 presence. Since the team behind Stomper are multi-million dollar business owners first, and marketing trainers second, I trust their judgement – not blindly, but with considerable weight.
  2. One of my long-time subscribers that has been running his business online for over 6 years had taken the time to write an email making some pretty harsh statements about Web 2 Submitter. Given that I had not promoted the product to him (and therefore knew he wasn’t griping at me personally), I heeded his words.

All that aside, I bought Web 2 Submitter and downloaded the bonus call when it was ready for after-the-fact review. (I despise listening to those calls live as they’re generally part pitch-fest, part chest-pounding guru-posturing time-wasters – all nonsense that I can skip right over when I have the MP3 on my hard drive.)

And here is what I found after listening to the call, trying out the software, and considering previous outside influencers: Read the rest of this entry »

Web 2.0 Traffic Strategies

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I’m heading out to StomperNet this weekend (Atlanta) so if you need me, my response time will be slower than average…but don’t let that stop you, I’ll be checking in every night.

My plan is to be able to report back to you the hottest new sources of traffic from the StomperNet group so keep an eye out for my email on Tuesday, okay?

Of course I won’t be able to disclose everything they’re doing over there to get the results that Stomper members get on their websites, but I should be able to share some techniques with you. In all honesty the best part about being a Stomper is in the alliances and tools that Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins ensure and secure for their members. When fully utilized those member’s sites bring in the traffic.

Speaking of traffic strategies, Read the rest of this entry »

Bring on the Traffic Using Web 2.0 Sites

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Yesterday I replied to a comment on traffic stats, Alexa, and Seth Godin.

A few emails begging clarification have come in overnight so here’s a post to clarify matters.

First of all, if you’re after targeted traffic with the added potential of a search positioning boost, gaining traffic by including your content or links from these Web 2.0 sites at random is a hit and miss, at best.

If however, you want targeted, qualified website visitors you’ll want to design a strategy – especially if your site or offer is about anything other than tech, IT, blogs, or marketing.

Generic, All-Over-The-Map Method

On this page you’ll be able to see Seth Godin’s list of Web 2.0 Movers and Shakers in regards to traffic and usage.

Using those high traffic sites to create a presence secondary to your main site, is one of the techniques proposed by the Web 2.0 traffic gurus.

In theory this is sound, but in practice it could be far more time consuming than is worth the effort.

Targeted Traffic via Strategic Presence

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Reality Has Nothing to Do With Sales

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I just lost a customer. Likely for life…

This neither burns nor bothers me, but it is a lesson in attracting the right market with the right product.

My customer (I actually prefer to call them clients if I must have a name for them) was happier with the content of the old Stampede Secret. He liked the ‘secrets’ better (which were widely distributed all over the internet just a few short weeks after Dr. Joe Vitale and I released the report, so they weren’t exactly ‘secrets’ after all).

But Don (we’ll call him that) liked the ‘idea’ of immediate traffic, liked the ease of creating and promoting RSS feeds better, liked the fun and hype Joe and I wrote into the report, better.

Does it matter that those old techniques are all but neutered now?

It doesn’t to Don, but it certainly does to me!

What About Your Customer?

Could Your Customer Also Be Looking For A Slice of Hype?

I can’t sleep at night knowing that my heat is paid for by clients purchasing old news. That’s why I took the old Stampede Secret off the market as soon as I saw the techniques didn’t have the effect they once had.

Apparently reality has nothing to do with it.

Some customers are happy to just buy a slice of hype. And no amount of jumping up and down, gnashing of teeth, or showing my stats is going to make a lick of a difference to that type of person.

I was warned. Read the rest of this entry »

Reviews of The Stampede Secret 2.0

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Below you’ll find a few reviews to date of the newly released Stampede Secret – Web 2.0 Traffic Strategies

From Andy Beard

“Stampede Secrets 2.0 is unlike any internet marketing report or ebook I have read…”

“Whilst Laura’s intention was to target the ebook to beginners in social media marketing, in many ways consultants in social media marketing should read it because it will place a new perspective on information and strategies you think you already know.”

“This ebook oozes quality production with footnotes on almost every page and links to resources that back up the data and strategies she proposes.”

“To get the most benefit you really will have to read through the ebook a couple of times taking notes – in some ways it reminds me of some of the more serious marketing reports you might receive from Marketing Sherpa.”

Read the full review to get a realistic idea if the Stampede Secret is right for you – Andy Beard (link removed as Andy doesn’t appear to be online in 2013

From Ryan Knowles

“You need to stop using PlugIM, or any other source of so called “Web 2.0? traffic generation methods, until you’ve read this.”

Ryan ‘Dravis’ Knowles, PlugIM

From Tiffany Dow

“Automate Your Web 2.0! I strongly urge you to download The Stampede Secret 2.0 by Laura Childs (co-author to a book with Dr. Vitale of The Secret fame). This is the only guide to date that delivers quick-start tip sheets to help you put your socialization strategy on autopilot.”

Continuation of Tiffany’s email from the home page: “…I’m delighted that you’ve created a product that guides us through the process of positioning ourselves in this environment without the usual spam approach.I especially appreciate the 12 Point Action Plan for Web 2.0 because there’s no opportunity for failure if we apply the information you’ve given us.

“While my own expertise is primarily with Squidoo, what I’ve learned in Stampede Secret 2.0 is how to develop an actual blueprint to my socialization strategy so that each day I can log on and tweak my efforts for more traffic and sales.

“In addition to being packed with solid information and advice, it’s also a great read, which is important to me as a writer because so many products tend to be dry and a struggle to keep my attention.

“I can’t wait for Stampede Secret 3.0!”

Tiffany Dow, Queen of Squidoo

Please be sure to leave your own testimonial, review, question or comment…I’d love to hear from you!

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