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Even though SEO is always changing and evolving, there are some time tested strategies that work now and probably always will. However, it is still critical that you keep up with the latest methods that are working, or at least hire someone knowledgeable enough to do it for you. Here are some SEO tips to try in your business.

First, you have to learn how to target keywords that are actually within your reach. If you are an accountant, it would be almost impossible to rank in Google for “accounting”. But, on the other hand, you may be able to rank for “Atlanta accountant” with the right SEO tricks up your sleeve. Ranking for lots of “little” keywords may be a lot better in the long run than obsessing over a huge one.

You have to focus on your onpage SEO efforts. What does this mean? Basically, you need to have the right keywords in the right places on your website. You need to use tags, a certain keyword density, captions, meta descriptions and other things to get your site to rank and keep it there.

Another point to remember is that you must be consistent with your social media efforts. Spend some time each day interacting with your followers and fans. Build rapport and relationships as they will serve you well for years to come. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Social Media Savvy Marketing Tips

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Everyone knows that social media marketing is a great way to explode your marketing efforts. Since social media sites are free and reach a huge audience, there is no reason not to use them. Talk about being cost effective!

The first thing you have to do is set up accounts on several social media networks. For instance, you may want a Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel. Of course, there are other networks coming on board all the time, so join as many as needed.

The most important part of using social media is updating your status and information on a regular basis. Don’t just update once a week because “you have to”. Instead, make it a part of your daily routine. You don’t need to spend hours doing it (because you won’t get your other work done)! Instead, allot a certain amount of time everyday and get it done. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Your Social Capital?

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Here’s a personal story for people who stop in here and who aren’t already my friend on Facebook…

I recently made a business contact whom I have a lot of respect for. She’s a marketing maverick who has been in the business 30 years or more. In fact at times our lives have run parallel – right down to the city of Toronto, promotions on Nathan Phillips Square and a bout in teaching.

Although I’m certain she’s brilliant in the local, face to face networking world, online she has no experience. She asked for my assistance with some personal branding and marketing online. Now she didn’t ‘call’ it that – in fact what she did call it was “I need 1,000 Facebook friends to win a challenge with my teenage son.”

“What’s Your Social Capital,” I politely asked.

Not a lot of business people have considered this when it comes to Web 2.0 so I’ll try to provide examples as an explanation.

If you are a celebrity, have written a book, have a secret to share, are selling something uniquely yours, offer a limited service or have any other value to the masses – you have automatic clout. Social Capital.

Without social capital – and the need to get 1,000 Facebook friends in a matter of days – you’ll have to sit at your keyboard, requesting friends from all of your existing friend’s list and hoping that they accept.

Don’t have that kind of time? You’ll have to fake the social capital then. By faking it I don’t mean lying or making yourself out to be something better than you are. But you will need to give people a reason to want to be your friend. This is very hard to pull off when you’re new to Facebook or new to marketing online unless you can find your tribe quickly and easily.

“Find Your Tribe?”

If you can find your tribe, or like minds, on any social networking website, you will quickly make friends and grow a list of contacts. As an example I have a fan page (but it also could have been a group) for a topic that I love and thousands of other North Americans enjoy. Currently just under 1,000 people are fans of that page even though I only wrote about 5 posts and added about 10 personal photos to. These people are my tribe and I didn’t have to hunt for them, they found me. Furthermore, as I am considered an expert on the topic in this tribe I have social capital. Social capital that, if I asked for it, would result in over 70% of that tribe become my personal friends.

Is all of this Social Networking starting to make sense yet?

If not, don’t sweat it. You’ll understand social capital and finding your tribe once you have taken your offline marketing skills into the online world. In the meantime, if you need to make a lot of friends fast, fake that social capital! This is newbie online marketing that anyone can do. All the techniques that apply to building an email list can grow that friend’s list exponentially, daily. How’s it done? A bribery of sorts. Create a free report or ebook of proprietary information to give away for the honor of being your friend (or signing up for your list). Hold a contest. Give, to get.

Let me know how it goes,

Laura Childs

Why is Social Networking Important?

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“My social marketing is driving me nuts! I’m not growing my business…just hob-knobbing, and dropping virtual busiess cards, and chatting people up all day!”

“What is social networking and why is it important, then?”

Actually, the question I really want to answer is: “Why Is Social Networking – Across Multiple Platforms – Important to Internet Marketers or Online Business Owners?”

And this is the answer…

For any online business or affiliate marketer the biggest component to your marketing plan since 2006 should be (have been and continue to be) social networking. If you aren’t doing it, and doing it well, you’ve got a tough row to hoe to make it as an online entrepreneur. However, if you have ‘made it’ and survived this far without social marketing, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts (honestly, I don’t know what’s up with me and the idiotic idioms today), you’ve been missing out on some huge profits.

Let’s fix that. Your marketing, that is.

Smart social networking involves using the Web 2.0 tools that are available to you, to your best advantage. You can’t use only one type of social media or one social networking site and expect to get stellar results.

You don’t have to use each and every one – in fact you can’t anyway – but you do need to choose those that will help you promote your brand and your business to your target market.integratesocialmarketing

That’s the first question – Who Is Your Target Market? (You have to answer that one yourself, after all, it is your business!)

The next variable is who you are, as a marketer or business owner. Each and every successful online entrepreneur has similar, but different approaches to social networking, but each smart one will create a multi-pronged approach that builds their brand and creates a web presence that thrives and grows.

Now if you’re already well engaged in social marketing, at this point you’re likely going crazy. Just like me.

That ‘craziness’ is how the initial conversation started. First problem is that I’ve got my fingers in too many markets and I’ve got to keep my personality focused on every sector I market to. For every target market I’ve got multiple social bookmarking campaigns, video site profiles, network comments, blogs I visit, tweets I make. Even if you’re in just one market this could drive you to distraction and make you consider the classified want ads – when days were simpler and we all came home with a fat paycheck every week.

Last year I found my answer and, believe it or not, it lay nestled in another Web 2.0 property.


If you need to pull your marketing together under one roof (instead of 30+ profiles and sites to visit every few days) I suggest taking a good long look at FriendFeed. You still keep all your accounts at bookmarking sites, networking sites, twitter and so on, but you can manage and watch it all so much easier from one starting point per day.

And with all your extra time, you can get back to ‘growing’ your business, not just marketing it.

To read more about my troubles with too many personas and markets and accounts – and discover why I wrote a 30+ page ebook on FriendFeed – click here: “Master Your Social Marketing Campaigns with FriendFeed”

TransPosting for Local Business

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I’ve been doing some experiments lately with both newly registered websites and existing sites – utilizing the power of Web 2.0 for traffic.

The sites I’ve been working with are not just of various age, but in various niches.

This all started as a challenge when a local business owner told me that I couldn’t get him any more work as a result of online marketing than he could get on his own, down a hick town backroad, through word of mouth.

I’ve never liked it when someone told me I couldn’t do something. This was no different.

This became even more a challenge because his ‘thought-stream’ was backed and confirmed by his young University educated daughter. A 20 year old small town girl who’s never entered more than 2 words into google at a time and whose primary use of the internet is socializing on FaceBook.

“No one uses the internet to find local business, Dad.”

(Ugh, small town mentality.)

If I could find the research I read last month – that states 60% of North Americans would rather search for a company online than pick up a phone book – I’d wrap it up in a big box with a bow and send it to them.

As I mapped out a “I’ll prove it to you” strategy – the latest of which is my newly devised transposting – I decided to see if anyone else was teaching how to do this….

I’ve been a few months away from my machine and I’m happy to buy a course or report on this to stay current as well as learn from others since I don’t know everything.

Scouring the Warrior forum, buying latest releases and reports from other marketers, bouncing from one marketing blog to another – no one is talking about this stuff. Unless of course Howie Swartz (sp?) or Frank Kern are teaching it in their exclusive classes. (Two guys I could listen to all day as they’re as close to Hollywood in internet marketing as you can get.)

As soon as I get my small town business man some work and money through online marketing (and put both him and his daughter to shame) I’ll be writing a short step-by-step and screen shot proof on TransPosting.

If you are interested in reviewing the report before release, please contact me now. When I write these types of short reports, I don’t wait around or pre-launch, etc.

Also, if you find anyone else talking about Transposting (not cross posting thanks I already know about that), please give me a head’s up.

Yours in marketing,

Laura Childs

Spin It for A Good Read

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Spent 5 minutes on a Spin site lately?

It’s amazing what you can find, new authors you’ll discover, and marketing or traffic generation techniques you’ll learn.

It’s a great place to spend your morning coffee break to see what the rest of the internet marketing community is buzzing about.

My personal tip to save time on Spin (or risk clicking and reading and commenting all day) is to choose one topic in the green navigation bar – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Search Marketing, Social Media, Online Marketing, Searching, Other – and browse the headlines. You can find me skimming through the Social Media tab from 9:30-10:15 am EST, Monday to Thursday.

Some of the faces you’ll find there are well known in the industry. Others you’ll be thrilled to discover.

Social Marketing on Spin

Today I landed on a bloggers post and found it informative enough to share. These are the basics of social marketing – build for your market, strategize your efforts, promote others.

Five Reasons I Used to Suck at Social Media (November 7) – “In the last few months, I’ve gone from getting almost no social traffic to regularly having 3,000+ visitor spikes.”

Good read. Especially helpful if you have been hearing all the hype about Web 2.0 traffic, have tried to generate your own Web 2.0 traffic stream, and aren’t seeing the results everyone else is. Courtney also comes clean about the huge waste of effort most internet marketers expend on getting to the top of Digg. Be sure, as well, to skim the comments left on the post.

I’d suggest subscribing to his site as well – the traffic to that blog alone has steadily risen since April 2007 (launch) and is now in the top 25,000 visited sites online (according to Alexa).

A Bit on Spin’s Backend

Last year I told you about a Web 2.0, Open Source software, called Pligg. It was great then and it’s still great today. Not that open source programs don’t come with their own set of problems, but the programmers and volunteers behind Pligg are dedicated and hard-working.

Spin is powered by Pligg (as are a number of very busy and profitable Web 2.0 sites). Launched just 4 months ago, Sphinn’s current Alexa places it in the top 25,000 most visited websites.

If you’ve considered jumping on the bandwagon and having your own Web 2.0 site there’s no time like the present and there’s no better free program and support than Pligg offers (in my opinion anyway).

I have Pligg running on a niche site that I started last year – but did not launch – and loved playing around with it. Pligg has been updated since and is now easier and has more features. (see: Web 2.0 OpenSource).

“…Google,…” says Scoble. (Social Media’s Future)

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Step aside from all the hype, excitement and disruption of Google’s OpenSocial project and what you’ll see is a time saving opportunity in the not too distant future.

At a gathering last night I became ‘as excited as Scoble*‘ trying to explain what OpenSocial meant to the online landscape. And yes, my personal show was complete with arms flapping, heightened voice tone, and even forgetting where I was in the point I was trying to get across.

My friends and associates (who are not geeks and many don’t even own a website) listened and watched for 5 minutes as though I had 5 heads.


Thankfully two entrepreneurs in the room ‘got it’ and wanted to talk more about it – making me feel not quite so ‘fringe’ and nerdy.

So let’s talk about what OpenSocial and those Scoble videos mean to you — the online entrepreneur with a well defined target market — and let’s do it in a less sensationalist manner than I displayed last night. Read the rest of this entry »

Fessing Up About Facebook

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I must admit I haven’t talked much about Facebook publicly (only in my email newsletters). And until earlier this month I also haven’t done much with my Facebook account…

Since the start of the year I have been focusing on Web 2.0 properties that (a) have a finely focused niche audience, (b) provide some sort of search engine juice as a result of my efforts, and (c) allow me to partially automate the content creation aspect.

Caring Less and Less About Search Engine Love…(b)

These days I’ve been caring less about the extra search engine ‘points’ by having off-site content. (If you don’t know why I’m caring less, check yesterday’s post.) As a result of reader comments and a few discussions in Facebook I woke up and realized that other marketers, entrepreneurs and website owners are seeing the same anomolies about site traffic as I am.

For example, Allan Cockerill (one of my Facebook friends and fellow bloggers – among others) openly shared through a discussion that began: “Will Social Media Become More Important Than SEO…?”

Allan shared: “…1600+ visitors to my blog during September, using nothing but Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Digg…has me pondering the future.”

Laura said: “…the wake up call came when I noticed clickthroughs from Google down – even though I held #1 spots and even though the # of searches per month, per keyword, was constant…”

Read the rest of this entry »

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