It’s been a long time coming, but there really hasn’t been a whole lot interesting to tell you about up until now.

This is a long post, but worth the read so if you’re rushed or just want to get to the goods, skip down to #3 because that could make a huge difference to your bottom line…

1. Rebuilding Lives (After the Fire)
2. Amen to A Thriving Internet Economy!
3. Automation and Web 2.0 (The Good, Bad, and the Ugly)

1. Rebuilding Our Lives After The Fire

As you may remember, our family home burnt to the ground in February – in the middle of the night and we had 6 minutes before the flames were licking through the floorboards.

Six minutes and we could no longer get in to rescue our pets, keepsakes, or belongings.

The last time I wrote here was in April – but I have been busy building a new home, side by side with my teenage daughter and husband, and we’re nearing completion.

Which means I have time to focus on my sites, my subscribers and my online business again!

Make no mistake here – we do not have a construction crew or even a contractor – this is seriously a home built by family hands that will inhabit it – a 3,000 square foot log home carved
into the hillside of our 20 acre hobby farm.

To say the build has exhausted me would be an understatement (at 45 years of age it was either going to kill me, or get me into shape very quickly).

2. Amen to A Thriving Internet Business!

Through the summer months I barely saw my laptop, but my income stayed steady nonetheless. Amen for a thriving internet economy!

Are we in the best business ever during these tough economic times or what?

This was a serious second lesson after our month in Europe when I barely cracked my laptop.

The lesson? Once you have your systems in place and a footing in your marketplace, your business will look after itself for the most part.

Be sure to read that in context – “…with systems in place…” and “…for the most part.”

I’m not proposing a ‘set it and forget it’ for most online enterprises. I am talking about systems, some automation (perhaps even outsourcing if that’s required) and a mandate revisited and revised as required.

3. Automation and Web 2.0 (The Good, Bad, and the Ugly)

Having worked online since 1998, thrived through the transitions, studied more concepts and theories, used more tools and processes than I could ever write about — and then, re-mixing my website marketing all over again as the average internet user shifted the way they use the web — I’m still no guru, nor would I want to be. (Apart from what you may think, those guys have it hard.)

However, I am obligated to tell you the truth (which has netted me some serious backlash at times) about:

a) What works, what doesn’t, and why.

b) Who is feeding you a load of bull (at their benefit) and who is the real deal.

c) Which systems will harm your business more than help it.

IN 2007 I told you that there was no ‘good’ way to automate Web 2.0 marketing (at the time, there just wasn’t – sure some marketers sold systems and software but the investment just wasn’t worth the return).

IN 2008 (right before the house fire) I released a report that explained how to easily infiltrate various interactive Web 2.0 sites using your blog’s RSS feed.

Automation – that won’t get you blacklisted on the off-sites, that will increase your search engine position, and that helps build a loyal list of followers.

Due to the house fire, I didn’t market hard. I didn’t have time to support my readers with appropriate dedication. The report was called “Why Your Web 2.0 Marketing Sucks and How to Fix It, Fast.”

As it turned out, the people that purchased it, didn’t need help with further explanation but wrote in with thanks of helping Web 2.0 finally make sense (and touching my heart, so thank you!)

Honestly, Web 2.0 stuff can be confusing…

1) It has geek-driven tendencies.
2) It is multi-faceted (content, search engines, voting, videos, blogs, RSS)
3) It is time consuming (or at least it WAS time consuming)

But what if, all those issues were removed?

What if someone finally came along that had a system of automation that actually worked and wasn’t just in the guru game to steal your money?

What if a service was launched with tools and an easy to follow action plan that is not time consuming (10 minutes – 1/2 hour).

What if you could follow the system for 7 days, absolutely for free, and in those seven days you would see results – results of traffic, subscribers, sales.

And if you didn’t like it, if you didn’t see results, you could just cancel a renewal. No strings attached, no hoops to jump through, nothing lost (in fact you’d gain all the same even if you cancel because you would have learned about systems of automation and some tricks to Web 2.0 marketing in the process).

Does it sound too good to be true to you?

You bet it does.

I know, you’re wondering what the catch is…

A hefty renewal fee? A higher monthly payment than the average business owner can manage? That’s usually the case with other trial offers, but not in this situation. I can’t disclose the subscription rate because it is ‘scaled’ – you choose the power you want and sign up for the service that interests you most, but honestly if you can’t make at least the $47 in the first trial week, you might want to give up marketing online!

After 7 days you’ll know that this works – that your extra sales, search engine placement, traffic rank, and commissions will more than cover that greasy spoon dinner…

To be clear — there are two caveats…

1) The offer is limited to a group of 1,000. (And he’s dead serious about that number because the tools, team and success can’t support more and be effective – right now.) The news has gone out to over 8,000 of my own subscribers and I’m not alone in sharing this…if you don’t get in right away, check the page every so often to see when space opens up.

I’ll write again soon but now I have to get back to the building site. Be sure to stop by again.

Cheers, Laura