Yesterday I replied to a comment on traffic stats, Alexa, and Seth Godin.

A few emails begging clarification have come in overnight so here’s a post to clarify matters.

First of all, if you’re after targeted traffic with the added potential of a search positioning boost, gaining traffic by including your content or links from these Web 2.0 sites at random is a hit and miss, at best.

If however, you want targeted, qualified website visitors you’ll want to design a strategy – especially if your site or offer is about anything other than tech, IT, blogs, or marketing.

Generic, All-Over-The-Map Method

On this page you’ll be able to see Seth Godin’s list of Web 2.0 Movers and Shakers in regards to traffic and usage.

Using those high traffic sites to create a presence secondary to your main site, is one of the techniques proposed by the Web 2.0 traffic gurus.

In theory this is sound, but in practice it could be far more time consuming than is worth the effort.

Targeted Traffic via Strategic Presence

You don’t want to blindly go without a unique and specific strategy to back your play and maximize your results.

Strategy that might include intelligent keyword (tag) usage, understanding and appealing to your target market, writing for the ‘click-through’, and whether or not page rank is passed by the site – to name a few considerations.

My advice to you, before you go blindly creatiing off-site content that may do you little good in the end, is to craft a strategic marketing plan for Web 2.0 traffic first. You’ll save time in the long run, get more targeted visitors, and sleep easy at night knowing you’re not clogging up the superhighway with irrelevant content.