Did you know that there is now a simple way to earn an income every month from eBay without selling your own products? Not only that but the products are ‘feed’ based with means the entire system is automated!

The rewards are generous, between 40% and 65% of eBay’s revenue AND up to $22 for each active registered user. (Straight from eBay’s user agreement at www.cj.com*)

And to make that income all you need to do is link to their site or showcase their products, from your own website.

Don’t have your own website yet? Or not making enough off your existing site? Well I’ve got your answer.

New software has just been released that builds pages on the fly loaded with current eBay auctions. It is self-updating, and every link to every product has your tracking code automatically embedded.

Making money online has never been easier.

See for yourself – without a hard sell of any kind – how the software works and examples of websites already running this RSS income-generating script will build for you at: eBay RSS script.

And, get started today! The world, and your income, is waiting for your recommendations!

To your success!

Laura Childs

*CJ.com – Commission Junction – is an affiliate network that has been online for at least 8 years now (that’s how long I’ve been working with them anyway) that tracks, manages and pays these eBay premiums. One item recently purchased for $200 on my site, made me only $4, but considering the commissions keep coming without any extra work on my part I’d say it is a sweet deal!