This post isn’t entirely ‘Web 2.0’.

Yet it is a topic near and dear to me when discussing website traffic with my readers.

Since traffic is the lifeblood of a website owner’s income…and, since my main focus is is how ‘Web 2.0′ sites have stolen all our site visitors…

It’s obviously very important to talk about how to get some of that traffic back!

This isn’t a basic intro to search engine optimization – you’ll have to find that somewhere else. There’s likely 199,000,000 pages on the subject if you start from google.

What I do want to talk to you about is your search engine competition. If you’ve been checking your position in the search engines for your primary keywords you’re likely to be seeing a slip – across all niches.

It’s no surprise to me – I’ve been battling (then working with) my traffic competitors for the past two years. Watching those up and coming, knock me out of my top spots, sites – all built on 2.0 concepts!

Go to google right now and type in your favorite keyword or phrase. If you have last year’s notes to compare, even better. What you’ll see now, and what will be even more apparent in a few months’ time, is that sites like Yahoo Answers, 43things, YouTube, eBay (yes it was one of the innovators in Web 2.0 concepts), Amazon (same as eBay), even crappy ol’ MSN Spaces are taking you out of your comfort zone and beating you for your most lucrative keywords!

Is Web 2.0 Your Enemy?

Web 2.0 sites are your competition (for eyeballs and positioning in the search engines), but they’re not your enemy. After all, you could build your own Web 2.0 site, market the snot out of it and take back your rightful position…

But should you?

We’ll talk about that one later…

What you need to do right now is deal with this competition. Quickly.

You see the beauty of Web 2.0 for us old-timers (those of us with existing or once successful sites) is that your hot new Web 2.0 competitor both solicits and adores your input! They’re also genuinely pleased to accept your link – if you do it with some class.

Here’s a real world example of no class:

A few months back I told my list about how to get traffic and gain rank using As an example I showed them a page on 43things that was a PR4 about making money and blogging….

Here’s how one of my readers didn’t manage this with class and just about ruined the PR and link value of that page…

“Without thinking, without reading he just clicked through to that url and posted the most spammy looking, idiotic post on the page that had nothing to do with making money, nor with blogging!”

Web 2.0 isn’t a game.

It’s not an advertise-for-free forum.

It’s a community of people. People looking to connect, people looking for reality, people sick of advertising, people who are willing to give a little to gain a lot.

Five minutes is all it would have taken for that joker to find a more appropriate page on to post his blurb with a little more grace and style. Perhaps then he wouldn’t have had his post deleted and would have seen great traffic results from that very busy Web 2.0 site.

Here’s the Web 2.0 Rub and How to Make it Work for You

  1. Watch the search engine results.
  2. See what Web 2.0 movers and shakers are inching up the results page in your niche.
  3. Understand that with every jump; google, yahoo and MSN, are giving that site authority site status.
  4. Understand that a link to your site, from that authority site, that isn’t spammy and stays on the site, is a signal to the search engine that your site is just as much of an authority as the Web 2.0 site!
  5. Determine how to write a post or contribute to that Web 2.0 site in such a way that the admin won’t want to delete your input and block your IP.

Thinkers win – say it twice. Then do it. Over and over again.

To your search engine and traffic success,

Laura Childs

N.B.: Pay close attention to your keywords and keyword research. Keywords are the backbone of search engines (I’m not sure why I feel I need to keep repeating this but I get emails every day from people confused about, or not having done their keyword research!). Keyword and key phrase research should be carried out before domain registration and revisited monthly.

Yoda said: Try? There is no try. There is only Do.
James Arthur Ray said: Don’t try. Trying is simply failing with honor.

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