The Stampede Secret was launched in August of 2004 as a mini-site selling a pdf report to online business owners.

The report taught how to use RSS Feeds and Blogs to gain an increase in website visitors, subscribers and sales based on the documented research of Laura Childs and moderate testing on Dr. Joe Vitale’s flagship website.

Staying in close contact to her clients and answering each question carefully via email, Laura quickly realized that some customers needed more help than the pdf report offered. Many clients were without any knowledge of keyword research, a marketing strategy, or for that matter had never truly defined who their target market was.

A few tutorials, walk-throughs, and interviews with website and blog owners, were quickly placed behind the scenes in a member’s area on the website to serve those who needed an extra hand.

Also in the member’s area was a javascript creation of Laura’s that assisted in the creation of a website owner’s first RSS Feed without all the hassle of coding in xml. Users simply input links, sentences, and short headings – pressed the create button and their RSS Feed was ready for placement on their websites. That was in 2004. Shortly into 2005 an inexpensive software was created that simplified the process and 30 day trials plus a 25% discount coupon was offered as an alternative to Stampede Secret owners.

From 2004-2006 the Stampede Secret report and back end was updated quite regularly with new tools, recommendations, free and trial software, and announcements.

The Stampede Secret Today

Who this website is created and maintained for: Hard working entrepreneurs who have discovered a loss in traffic, sales or subscribers over the past 6 months and who are looking for strategies in marketing to a new Web 2.0 world.

Who this website will not interest: Netpreneurs looking to mass-create and automate websites that do little more than clog up the net and which do not serve the end user.

Who am I talking about when I say “the end user”? Anyone in a website’s target market – an internet surfer who appreciates and is looking for quality information, socialization, or entertainment. If you can give that to your ‘end user’ you win in loyalty, sales, subscribers and repeat traffic.

Rumors: The End of the Stampede Secret?

In early 2006 Laura began the preparation of her subscriber’s minds to accept what she saw coming fast and furiously down the pike as the only way to market an online business in the future – the concept and the realities of Web 2.0.

Although RSS Feeds and Blogs marked the beginning of the 2.0 trend, Laura decided it was time to lay aside these older methods and start teaching how to drive traffic to existing websites with the assistance of busy Web 2.0 sites. (Not to mention the fact that she was eager to start building her own Web 2.0 applications and sites!)

It was October 2006 when sales of the Stampede Secret halted. Existing customers still had access to Laura via email as well as the member’s area, but no new clients were accepted.

What’s Coming Next?

As Stampede Secret 2.0 is now underway you will be seeing smaller, less expensive reports available for purchase as well as helpful tips and resources on Web 2.0. Laura will also be teaching what makes a Web 2.0 site successful as well as how to create your own Web 2.0 site that has the potential to go viral (just like YouTube and MySpace) without the huge bandwidth and start up costs.

Stay tuned to the Stampede Secret Web 2.0 for updates!

No Idea What Web 2.0 Is?

Download this free ebook that explains some of the major principals of Web 2.0 and how to leverage it for your online business. A little outdated (2006) but all viable and remains true to this day.