I am amazed at how fast the technology and services for RSS feeds and blogs are changing!

In the member’s area we have a directory with all the newly tested software, services and tactics on:

– RSS creation,
– RSS delivery,
– RSS submission, and
– RSS and website strategies.

It’s all I can do to refresh and keep that area up to date!

For instance, the submissions page just had a shake down. No longer do our customers need to spend hours submitting their RSS feed urls to directories by hand.

We’ve provided software (selling elsewhere for $27-$47) that handles all your RSS feed submissions for you.

During the shake-down of the manual submissions, a few website directories were found to be be moving really quickly in the RSS field. One was *omited*.com*.

If already have a feed (whether user defined or as the result of blogging) I strongly suggest you submit it there!

I’ll be there in about an hour submitting our subscriber’s feeds as a courtesy – with their permission of course.

I’ll see you there and at the top of the search engines!

Laura Childs

P.S. How about you? Are you receiving updates as they happen in the RSS world or are you gleaning information from stale web pages that haven’t been updated in a while?

* 2007 edit: The dot.com mentioned above is no longer in service. Shortly after launch it jumped 2 google page ranks and ran for a few years with many users in the industry raving about it!