“My social marketing is driving me nuts! I’m not growing my business…just hob-knobbing, and dropping virtual busiess cards, and chatting people up all day!”

“What is social networking and why is it important, then?”

Actually, the question I really want to answer is: “Why Is Social Networking – Across Multiple Platforms – Important to Internet Marketers or Online Business Owners?”

And this is the answer…

For any online business or affiliate marketer the biggest component to your marketing plan since 2006 should be (have been and continue to be) social networking. If you aren’t doing it, and doing it well, you’ve got a tough row to hoe to make it as an online entrepreneur. However, if you have ‘made it’ and survived this far without social marketing, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts (honestly, I don’t know what’s up with me and the idiotic idioms today), you’ve been missing out on some huge profits.

Let’s fix that. Your marketing, that is.

Smart social networking involves using the Web 2.0 tools that are available to you, to your best advantage. You can’t use only one type of social media or one social networking site and expect to get stellar results.

You don’t have to use each and every one – in fact you can’t anyway – but you do need to choose those that will help you promote your brand and your business to your target market.integratesocialmarketing

That’s the first question – Who Is Your Target Market? (You have to answer that one yourself, after all, it is your business!)

The next variable is who you are, as a marketer or business owner. Each and every successful online entrepreneur has similar, but different approaches to social networking, but each smart one will create a multi-pronged approach that builds their brand and creates a web presence that thrives and grows.

Now if you’re already well engaged in social marketing, at this point you’re likely going crazy. Just like me.

That ‘craziness’ is how the initial conversation started. First problem is that I’ve got my fingers in too many markets and I’ve got to keep my personality focused on every sector I market to. For every target market I’ve got multiple social bookmarking campaigns, video site profiles, network comments, blogs I visit, tweets I make. Even if you’re in just one market this could drive you to distraction and make you consider the classified want ads – when days were simpler and we all came home with a fat paycheck every week.

Last year I found my answer and, believe it or not, it lay nestled in another Web 2.0 property.


If you need to pull your marketing together under one roof (instead of 30+ profiles and sites to visit every few days) I suggest taking a good long look at FriendFeed. You still keep all your accounts at bookmarking sites, networking sites, twitter and so on, but you can manage and watch it all so much easier from one starting point per day.

And with all your extra time, you can get back to ‘growing’ your business, not just marketing it.

To read more about my troubles with too many personas and markets and accounts – and discover why I wrote a 30+ page ebook on FriendFeed – click here: “Master Your Social Marketing Campaigns with FriendFeed”