Measuring Web 2.0 Traffic Success

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There are just as many ways to integrate Web 2.0 interaction – and therefore reap the traffic benefits – into an existing website, as there are to launch a new site with Web 2.0 elements.

Below is a quick table I’ve drafted up (in no particular order) of types of sites or applications (types/apps), brief descriptions of each (what), benefits (why), as well as measurements of success to consider after integration (measurement). Consider the measurement challenges before you integrate however as all Web 2.0 applications are not created equal.
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Does Your Business Need to Deploy Web 2.0?

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Small and large, business and corporations, are contemplating the need to integrate Web 2.0 technologies or utilize ad channels on existing Web 2.0 properties for business.

This post is the beginning of a series created for the slow-to-adapt. We’ll begin with questions that can only be answered by companies that know and understand their target market.

Consider first, whether or not Web 2.0 technologies are being adopted by your target market.

Are your customers or potential customers likely to participate in user-generated content? Will your site visitors read, comment on and be affected by content found online? Will they share their views publicly? If your target market is known to be passionate about the products you sell or service, providing them a venue to share their views can be extremely valuable for obvious reasons.
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