More SEO Companies Discuss Alternatives for Website Traffic

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More Visibility, a two time INC. 500 Company (and the only firm in their industry to have received such an honor), often releases free reports and whitepapers to their targeted audience and subscribers (distributed through various channels).

The one I was reading today was a little remedial, but a good primer for new website owners or netpreneurs who haven’t yet considered that there is more to the traffic equation than buying links from other websites.

“Marketing Strategies Beyond Traditional Search” is a tidy 13 page PDF file that discusses contextual advertising, local search, vertical search, affiliate marketing, display advertising, broadband advertising, rich media, and more. If you’ve been marketing online for any amount of time you will not learn anything new from this report, but it might be worth your while to read some of their other free white papers.

The kicker is in the conclusion of “…Beyond Traditional Search,” copied partially below. Remember this is a search engine optimization company (companies whose income depended solely on their ability to achieve top search engine positions for their clients) writing this. Read the rest of this entry »

International Languages: Speaking of 2.0

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Looking for a way to use Web 2.0 (either social networking or social bookmarking) online in languages other than English?

Connecting socially, a lot like Facebook (also available in Spanish and Dutch)
Home Page: 6
Alexa Traffic Rank 10/07: 26 (Chinese)
Home Page: 5
Alexa Traffic Rank 10/07: 362

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Social Networkers, Your New Target Audience

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One of the latest comScore reports on social networking and e-commerce has just been released. You can read some of the findings, free, in the press release.

The reseach supports a similar study completed last year about this time. Last year’s study marked the beginning of my own journey into discovering where all the traffic had gone from my retail and affiliate based sites. (In fact, that statement alone reminds me to share the Boomerang Effect with you. It is the how/why data on consumer trends shopping direct from manufacturer. Perhaps tomorrow.)

Back to the comScore research. Here are a few snippets from the press release.

“…which showed that heavy U.S. visitors to social networking sites are significantly more likely than average to visit leisure-oriented retail site categories, such as music, jewelry/luxury goods/accessories, consumer electronics and apparel.”

“…exhibited a particularly high tendency to visit the more leisure-oriented retail categories…” Read the rest of this entry »

Fessing Up About Facebook

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I must admit I haven’t talked much about Facebook publicly (only in my email newsletters). And until earlier this month I also haven’t done much with my Facebook account…

Since the start of the year I have been focusing on Web 2.0 properties that (a) have a finely focused niche audience, (b) provide some sort of search engine juice as a result of my efforts, and (c) allow me to partially automate the content creation aspect.

Caring Less and Less About Search Engine Love…(b)

These days I’ve been caring less about the extra search engine ‘points’ by having off-site content. (If you don’t know why I’m caring less, check yesterday’s post.) As a result of reader comments and a few discussions in Facebook I woke up and realized that other marketers, entrepreneurs and website owners are seeing the same anomolies about site traffic as I am.

For example, Allan Cockerill (one of my Facebook friends and fellow bloggers – among others) openly shared through a discussion that began: “Will Social Media Become More Important Than SEO…?”

Allan shared: “…1600+ visitors to my blog during September, using nothing but Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Digg…has me pondering the future.”

Laura said: “…the wake up call came when I noticed clickthroughs from Google down – even though I held #1 spots and even though the # of searches per month, per keyword, was constant…”

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Top Search Engine Spots via Social Network Sites

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There’s a huge rush on – from marketers around the globe – to market their products and services (or increase their search engine position) by posting content and creating profiles on multiple Web 2.0 properties.

This is one way a very smart internet marketing trainer is teaching others to domninate the search engine listings for their select keywords.

It’s a great idea, but is it a viable long-term solution to increasing brand awareness and building business value? Or is it a short term solution to (hopefully) some fast cash?

Surfers Spending More Hours on Web 2.0 – Less on Search

Before you run off creating multiple accounts on multiple Web 2.0 properties and posting your proprietary content there in an attempt to dominate the top 10 results in google, consider Read the rest of this entry »

Social Bookmark Sites

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There are over 140 bookmarking sites on, it would be silly to repeat them all again. Instead I have just listed some of the larger ones that pass page rank as well as the movers and shakers in a few niche markets.

Be sure to see your training manual on this (in the strategy step by step) before you begin bookmarking to get the best results. There is little sense bookmarking if your target market doesn’t bookmark or the bookmark sites have ‘nofollow’ tags employed. Each link goes to a seperate post with more information (time permitting).

This list is always updating so if you want to receive notification of updates, leave a comment and subscribe to comments below or sign up for the StampedeSecret newsletter at right.
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Social Networks

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This list of links and pages is a work in progress. A consistently updated list of social networks to position yourself on, each linking to further information on the Web 2.0 sites.

Feel free to comment on or add to this list (on this page). More specific (site-related) social networking information should be left in comments at each link.

I am only including the top social networks in this list – for both broad and niche markets (and generally those that also pass page rank back to your website). In later posts I will cover secondary Web 2.0 enabled properties.

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3 Concepts 4Ps 7Qs and 6 Phases (basic social marketing)

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Social marketing removes the barriers that marketers and sales people have been actively addressing since the beginning of time.

As a marketer I am certain you have heard that the average customer requires 7 exposures to your product before they begin to consider the purchase. As such social marketing is an excellent vehicle to facilitate that repetition of exposure – through friends’ conversations, through sharing resource links, and through ‘layered’ trust.

I was reading a supplementary report today about Social Marketing (this one from the purists). You likely don’t need it, but you can pick up your own copy free at Turning Point (from the Social Marketing National Excellence Collaborative).

To be clear, if you’re an online marketer or entrepreneur you might not know what I mean by ‘purist’ so allow me to explain. The purists state they coined the phrase social marketing and as such they own it. Their focus is marketing (online or off) to facilitate public health awareness and change.

An example may be anit-smoking campaigns. For years in North America it was cool to smoke. Eventually doctors, grandmothers, politicians, and other influencers told the world that it was bad for us, but it was only after years of educating the population of the dangers, celebrities and other role models spoke out, advertising and other media was ‘corrected’, that smoking became absolutely ‘not cool’. For examples of using social marketing for health, follow along at

Back to the report I was reading…

Three Basic Social Marketing Concepts

It’s clearly stated (and I agree) that you don’t have to be some marketing genius to succeed with social marketing. There are three basic concepts, principles and exercises to engage in, study, and understand.

  1. The first is to know your audience (we all know this right?).
  2. The second is to take action (make a declaration, take a stance).
  3. The third is to engage (in conversation).

Four P’s of Marketing

While working you will want to consider the four P’s of marketing (also ‘basics’). Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In the case of social marketing these four P’s are expanded in their meanings.

  1. Product does not have to be ‘buy my product’ in the case of social marketing. It could be a desired outcome such as bookmark my page, sign up for my newsletter, etc.
  2. Price does not have to be in US dollars. Price can be measured as any investment – financial, time, emotional.
  3. Place becomes virtual.
  4. And promotion becomes any channel used to reach your target audience.

Seven Questions to Create Your Social Marketing Strategy

Defining, designing and deploying your social marketing strategy begins with a series of questions. Of course the questions vary given the desired outcome and target market, but here’s a list to get you started.

1. What is the desired outcome of my social marketing campaign?

2. Who am I trying to reach? Who is my target audience?

3. How open are they to my message?

4. How long to gain the trust of my audience? What proof is required?

5. Who are they currently following/listening to/trusting?

6. Where do they engage in conversations?

7. What action(s) will I need to employ (7 interactions or exposures).

Six Phases of Social Marketing

TurningPoint describes social marketing as a 6 phase system, (1) describe the problem, (2) conduct market research, (3) create the marketing strategy, (4) plan the intervention, (5) monitor and evaluate, (6) implement and evaluate.

These points (phases) are an essential message to all entrepreneurs learning to market products and services online. It is no longer enough to simply create a website and throw some advertising at it, hoping it will take off. There is planning, research, strategizing, work and evaluation involved in true marketing.

What’s the point?

Do your homework, research your market, and write your plan before you engage in strategic social marketing activities – otherwise you may just be wasting time and energy clicking around the internet with nothing to show for your efforts.

Until next post,

Laura Childs

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