Coming Clean About Web 2.0 Targeting

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Nearly a week after the fact, I took the time out to listen to Jack Humphrey and Brandon Hall on their Web 2 Submitter bonus call.

To be completely transparent here I was a little jaded when I plugged in my headset.


A few reasons:

  1. A StomperNet faculty member told me to run screaming from any product that automates any process regarding a Web 2.0 presence. Since the team behind Stomper are multi-million dollar business owners first, and marketing trainers second, I trust their judgement – not blindly, but with considerable weight.
  2. One of my long-time subscribers that has been running his business online for over 6 years had taken the time to write an email making some pretty harsh statements about Web 2 Submitter. Given that I had not promoted the product to him (and therefore knew he wasn’t griping at me personally), I heeded his words.

All that aside, I bought Web 2 Submitter and downloaded the bonus call when it was ready for after-the-fact review. (I despise listening to those calls live as they’re generally part pitch-fest, part chest-pounding guru-posturing time-wasters – all nonsense that I can skip right over when I have the MP3 on my hard drive.)

And here is what I found after listening to the call, trying out the software, and considering previous outside influencers: Read the rest of this entry »

Web 2.0 Traffic Strategies

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I’m heading out to StomperNet this weekend (Atlanta) so if you need me, my response time will be slower than average…but don’t let that stop you, I’ll be checking in every night.

My plan is to be able to report back to you the hottest new sources of traffic from the StomperNet group so keep an eye out for my email on Tuesday, okay?

Of course I won’t be able to disclose everything they’re doing over there to get the results that Stomper members get on their websites, but I should be able to share some techniques with you. In all honesty the best part about being a Stomper is in the alliances and tools that Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins ensure and secure for their members. When fully utilized those member’s sites bring in the traffic.

Speaking of traffic strategies, Read the rest of this entry »

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