Help! I Have A Low Traffic 1.0 Website!

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So you’ve got a 1.0 website and you’ve been seeing less traffic, even though you’ve read that there are 40% more users online than 18 months ago…

With all those extra surfers doesn’t it stand to reason that your traffic stats should be showing an increase in new visitors?

Not necessarily.

If you’ve been wondering “Where has all the traffic gone?”, I’ll tell you. (You actually don’t need me to tell you – just hit alexa to see where and what types of websites are visited most often in the last year.)

The truth is, your traffic is hanging out on 2.0 enabled websites.

They just aren’t coming to our old 1.0 websites anymore. At least not as fast, furiously, or frequently as they used to.

Even if you’ve never had a high traffic website this post is still for you…

As long as you ‘get’ that Web 2.0 is capturing the interests and time of internet surfers, you can start securing back some of those visitors today – without having to build your own wildly successful Web 2.0 site. Read the rest of this entry »

Adopting the 2.0 Traffic Mindset

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This post isn’t entirely ‘Web 2.0’.

Yet it is a topic near and dear to me when discussing website traffic with my readers.

Since traffic is the lifeblood of a website owner’s income…and, since my main focus is is how ‘Web 2.0′ sites have stolen all our site visitors…

It’s obviously very important to talk about how to get some of that traffic back!

This isn’t a basic intro to search engine optimization – you’ll have to find that somewhere else. There’s likely 199,000,000 pages on the subject if you start from google.

What I do want to talk to you about is your search engine competition. If you’ve been checking your position in the search engines for your primary keywords you’re likely to be seeing a slip – across all niches.

It’s no surprise to me – I’ve been battling (then working with) my traffic competitors for the past two years. Watching those up and coming, knock me out of my top spots, sites – all built on 2.0 concepts!

Go to google right now and type in your favorite keyword or phrase. If you have last year’s notes to compare, even better. What you’ll see now, and what will be even more apparent in a few months’ time, is that sites like Yahoo Answers, 43things, YouTube, eBay (yes it was one of the innovators in Web 2.0 concepts), Amazon (same as eBay), even crappy ol’ MSN Spaces are taking you out of your comfort zone and beating you for your most lucrative keywords! Read the rest of this entry »

Use 2.0 Video Sites to Drive Traffic and Sales

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A lot of online promotion experts are finally awake to the fact that Web 2.0 sites are now the high traffic hot spots.

These experts have been thinking of, testing, and tracking their ideas and results – and as a result are now teaching their proven techniques. It’s about time, and there’s still plenty of time to promote your site through these channels so don’t buy into any hype about ‘the window of opportunity closing’.

The options wide open to a small business owner are many – the hardest part is pre-determining where your promotion energy is best spent for best results.

Find your target market and get your offer in their path.

Telling you where your target market is, generically, is impossible. That is if I truly want to help (and not hinder) your success. Every market differs. You need to know your market, their interests and passions, and then ‘best guess’ what Web 2.0 website they’ll be hanging out on. Because if you believe me and the research that’s taken me to this point, they’re hanging out somewhere. (More users spending more time online – but not necessarily showing up on our websites to coincide with the research numbers.)

Here is a very simplistic example…you sell a relationship-related product, your market is lonely hearts, they’re hanging out at the dating or singles sites – network (on a free web 2.0 social network site) with your message and gain traffic.

Another simplistic example…you sell truck parts, your market is the young, rural male. When they’re not working on their trucks, they might just be watching online videos (on a web 2.0 video sharing site) – post a few fun clips of 4×4 trucks and gain traffic.

Website Promotion Using Video Sites – YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video…

I’ve been doing this with video for the past year and it works in spades! From one of my online marketing websites (which I’m happy to disclose to the masses, but my niche markets I keep very hidden from prying eyes) I created a 3 minute clip that led to my website and has made me a top affiliate (and now one of only a few partners) for a very popular website building script. That little video has also increased my visitor traffic by about 30% and holding – even after 11 months (March 9, 2006) and even though I only posted that video clip on Google Video. Just last night I uploaded it to YouTube to experiment, test and track the viability of that Web 2.0 site.

At the end of this article I’ll post some of the hottest Web 2.0 video sharing sites today for you to consider.

The question still remains however…is this Web 2.0 traffic technique right for your market?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “I don’t care what market you’re in, this should drag them in.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Web 2.0 Videos (Concept)

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Web 1.0 to 2.0 – Concept in Video

Here’s a nice 4+ minute video I found on youtube that lays the groundwork on how we got to Web 2.0 (and hopefully give you some ideas about what Web 2.0 is and what’s to come for internet surfers).

And another one… Read the rest of this entry »

Web 2.0 Wikio Gets New Life (At A Very Tender Age)

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Ever heard of Wikio?

Google certainly has!

Google has indexed 364,000 references on wikio, whose home page only employs a measly PR6. Now I never was one to get all worked up about Google’s PR system, but I do often use it in my assessment of websites. Another assessment tool, the Alexa ranking, has this site positioned in the top 30,000 most visited sites online today (at the time of writing).

Newly Built Web 2.0 Websites Sell

The reason I’m asking if you’ve heard of Wikio is because most of my friends – even my online geeky friends – have never heard of it. Yet it was important enough to sell for nearly $5.5 million USDs (United States dollars). It actually sold in the UK, for €4 million if you want to get technical about the price.

Wikio is much like (a brilliant Web 2.0 site) with a little Technorati and Google News thrown into the pot. The interesting thing to note is that the site in itself is still very young. Actually it was only registered right around the time I put the Stampede Secret up for sale from this (once) one-page website.

Inception: September, 2004.
Birthdate: June, 2005.
Current Worth at less than two years of age: $5.5 million USD (approximately).

While doing research I read that Wikio’s audience reached nearly one million monthly unique visitors. Read the rest of this entry »

Web 2.0 – Just for the Sake of Socializing?

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People are flocking to Web 2.0 sites where the focus is on socializing.

As a known recluse, I’ll tell you my initial thoughts (last year) on this phenomena were a little sad for the state of our world.

“How terribly lonely and unsatisfied people must be in our heartless world that they have to interact with an unknown via a keyboard just to feed their hearts and souls…”

I realize a year later how skewed that knee-jerk reaction was.

People are not socializing just for the sake of socializing!

They’re flocking to those Web 2.0 sites for a purpose other than to connect. Which explains why the market is both male and female.

Sure, some are looking for love on dating sites, but even more are networking for career goals, interacting over hobbies and interests, connecting for intellectual advancement.

I’ve talked about ‘like minds’ before so I won’t get into it again…

We really should be discussing the build of a Web 2.0 site with a socializing focus. The big question is, “Should social networks be primary in their focus or employ other features where the social networking aspect is just one of many attractants?” Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Tag and Bookmark (Concept)

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Been wondering how to use tags for social bookmarking (of your own posts and pages) to get more targeted traffic to your websites and offers?

Basic Web 2.0 Bookmark and Tagging Principles

Social Bookmarking sites are subscription based websites that allow internet users to save links to their favorite pages. Operating much like your browser Favorites, these lists of favorites are generally more organized, themed, or categorized.

The social aspect plays in when these lists of favorites are made public – viewable and further classified, rated, or organized by other surfers.

The organization quotient, tagging, is the manner in which either the author of the resource or the person bookmarking the resource categorizes or classifies the information. Tags are usually one to five keyword phrases.

If you’ve had a website for very long and your main source of traffic is through the search engines via search engine optimization of your pages you’ll quickly see the beauty and the value of tags. This is keyword relevance ‘proof’ by the masses.

And it hasn’t taken the major search engine players long to catch on. As a matter of fact most have been waiting for this type of voluntary feedback as it allows an engine to offer more relevant results to the masses.

Search Engine History and Basic Theory

Skewing search engine results by keyword stuffing, buying links, reciprocal linking, automated blog commenting, and the like, are all techniques once employed with good results by many webmasters to gain more traffic and higher search engine ranks. Read the rest of this entry »

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Web 2.0 eBook – ‘How to Create A Web 2.0 Site’

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There are tons of “How To Succeed With MySpace” reports and e-books being sold now (and franky they drive me around the bend because I see no good end for people who invest hours into promoting their urls or products there), but there is only one digital product available right now that actually talks about the pros and cons of making your own Web 2.0 site. You can actually follow along as the writer builds a site from the ground up!

I’d thought of doing this myself but the site I’m launching has been a dream for 2 years and is only just now coming to fruition. I may introduce it here at a later date. In the meantime, see what Rich is up to by clicking on the green book graphic (top left) of all my pages.

The site the author’s creating differs from the Web 2.0 site I want to show you next. However, the core principle is the same – it’s all about people.

The site I’m featuring in this post, and I don’t do this often here as I have a separate area set up for Web 2.0 site examples, is

If you haven’t seen or heard of it yet, prepare yourself. You’ll likely be hearing about it soon. The developers are busy, they’ve even created a widget that bloggers, site owners, myspace users can insert into their own pages. See mine here. Read the rest of this entry »

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