When I sent an email out to my list on Wednesday I had no idea how popular the topic of (and so many questions about), social proof for websites, traffic from tagging, or the power of back links…

And I certainly wasn’t aware that so many readers would have a problem with the name of Sean Wu’s new product (and create
assumptions about the value of his course on tagging and social bookmarking) without even reading his sales letter or course.

But perhaps that’s to our advantage…

Because if this technique for traffic and positioning doesn’t reach the masses we’ll have it made for many, many months (perhaps years) to come. And even if it does reach the masses we’ll still gain lots of extra traffic from learning how to do it right.

So let’s clear up some confusion about tags and social bookmarking okay?

Social bookmarking (aka page, site or image tagging) is the process of using a web service to keep track of your personal bookmarks. The difference between using your browser’s bookmark list and an online bookmark service is that the online version is public.

Online bookmarking sites include technorati,, digg and many others. I won’t get into the reasons why these sites have become so popular by humans and search enigne spiders alike – just trust me on this one – it’s hot. Read the rest of this entry »

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