Have you ever wondered what a #1 spot on Google’s search results are worth to the website owner in sales, traffic or commissions?

Or worse, have you known, and then lost your #1 spot?

It happened to me last year. I lost my top spot and then had to claw my way up again before the next google update.

I knew there was more at work here than just my RSS Feed not being updated frequently enough…

I knew because the websites that google favored over mine were highly optimized for the search engines.

Today’s message is about ‘organic’ search engine placement, or “How to Get and Keep Top Search Engine Positions.”

At the end of the article you’ll find a free guide full of search engine techniques from a highly respected expert.

These techniques aren’t hard to follow, or set into motion.

And you don’t have to buy a product to put them into practice either.

Get it here. I’ll see you over on that site and I’ll also disclose
what losing just one of my #1 positions did to my monthly income…

My hard lesson of the month was: “Hold Your Spots Once You’ve Got Them”!

Laura Childs

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