More on Google this post…

How to get more of your site’s pages listed in Google, faster!

I hope your summer has been both fun and profitable!

I’ve been busy with the farm, but also with testing new tools (both free and paid) over the summer and I’ll let you in on these promotional shortcuts and my test results throughout the coming weeks.

But quickly today I want to tell you about the hot new way to get more of your content listed in google quicker than clicking an Add Url Button…

It doesn’t cost a cent, just a few minutes of your time.

This technique is a ‘spin off’ of sneaking in the back door of yahoo without the $299 inclusion fee.

Only this time, it’s google we’re after!

I’m sure you know that google doesn’t charge for inclusion, but it can take 4-6 weeks to get google to visit a new site or index new pages on an existing site.

This technique cuts that time down to 3-4 days!

Even if your site is already listed in google, take 5 minutes and set this up anyway. This will ensure that google crawls your site more often and indexes your new pages and posts faster.

And, this technique also works for websites that aren’t running RSS Feeds or blogs…I’ll show you how.

Scoot over to to catch the lesson and implement this right away.


* revisited and edited in January 2007 * this technique is still one of my favorite techniques when launching new sites. It’s fast and free – what more could a marketer ask for?

Laura Childs